Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A Follow Up

WOW, it seems that my last post brought up some strong feelings for some. I apologize if I offended anyone that was not my intention, as I said "I Had A Question".
Update to yesterdays blog:
I spoke with the person who had mentioned she had this allergy. I wanted to know how sever it was. You know can no one REALLY eat citrus ANYWHERE in the building or just in her area. It seems as a matter of fact the she herself EATS oranges (that kind of floored me), loves them as a matter of fact. She said that it is the peel and oils in the peel she is allergic too. If she breaths (yes airborne) in the oils she starts off with a migraine then the entire left side of her fave goes limp (like she had a stroke). So why does everyone else in the office have to stop if she herself EATS them! She even mentioned that when she would go to clubs (most have citrus on the counter) she would go later in the evening so most of the oils from being cut would be gone.
So again I asked for clarification, and explained why I asked. We as an office devour citrus, we actually have a few vegetarians who have quite a bit of citrus in their diets. So in that I do not feel it is right for everyone else to change their diets or eating habits or what ever for someone.....I do believe that one would call that REVERSE DISCRIMINATION (and do not get me even started there).
She finally explained that if they have their food in the back of the building (where our kitchen is) and they wash their hands she would be fine. I do think that she should have approached this situation a bit differently.
I also personally would not go out get a new position and on the second day inform everyone they had to change their habits for me. I would on the other hand would have explained to my boss in the interview (as most people with disabilities that I know have done) my situation, explain options both for them and what I could do to prevent a sever reaction. If nothing else while accepting the position she could have explained what was up.
I did not mean to make a big deal about this.
As for your children I would NEVER intentionally put them in harms way. I would never intentionally put anyone child or adult in harms way. BUT one has to remember they are not the only ones that may needs.


Anonymous said...

I think that your way of handling this situation was totally inappropriate and unacceptable. "Reverse discrimination"? Do you even know what that means? Sometimes as human beings we need to put our WANTS aside for the NEEDS of others. That is what makes us compassionate people. No one likes to disclose a medical condition (and yes, it is a medical condition) so it was probably uncomfortable for her. While yes, she could take precautions on her end also, it is important to inform those around her of her condition. What if she didn't tell anyone and was exposed and went into shock? You wouldn't even know what the problem was to tell medical personnel.

My suggestion is to open your mind and be accepting that other people are different and have different requirements than you. I am an HR professional and you suggesting that you should only comply if it illegal not to is appalling. Again, realize that we are better because of our differences.

Grow Up!

utmomof5 said...

Sounds like it is resolved at work and that is what is important. How strange that she can eat oranges but yet is allergic to them. (I get there is a difference between the oils in the peel and teh actual fruit.)

I think you only really made one person upset. Don't worry about me -- I am not offended at all. :) I thougt it was a good question!!

Huse Blog is it Anyway? said...

Wow, anonymous STILL won't put her name. "Grow up," eh?

And yeah, it sounds like it has been resolved and that's good. It was a little hasty to explain her allergy that way at first, but some people don't have the best delivery sometimes, even with the best of intentions.

My husband is a medical professional and thinks it's a bit odd, her description of her severe doesn't fit. But, whatever, everyone is different, I suppose.

Tina said...

Wow, what an interesting comment from Anonymous. It seems to me that posing a question on your blog and even mentioning "reverse discrimination" really has nothing to do with how you "handled" the situation. You did the absolute right thing by gathering all the facts. I would think that Anonymous as an "HR Professional" would know that you must gather all facts before instituting a policy that will impact all staff!

Anonymous said...

It wasn't the same anonymous honey so get your facts straight before you run your mouth. I hope each and every one of you are faced with an issue like this so you can fully understand it...if that's possible.

Huse Blog is it Anyway? said...

God bless you, Anonymous. Both of you.

utmomof5 said...

OH my!! Anonymous (which ever or who ever that is) needs to relax. This had nothing to do with children or a life threating allergy. If people would just use names then there wouldn't be any confusion about which anonymous was which.

Felicia D said...

I dont know why this is still going on. As I said on the last blog, what happened to

"If you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all."

Why is everyone so angry?

Peace, Love, Joy

Gina said...

Anonymous - Seriously? The woman EATS ORANGES!!!