Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Fall Is Here

OK so this is not my back yard, but it is dark out and I did not have time to get a picture before it got dark. But it is the same pool cover. And closed pools can only mean the end of summer and the start of Fall.

My feelings are torn.........................Good - Fall is here. Bad Summer is over.

I so love the colors. The air seems cleaner and crisper. The only downfall of fall is I know winter is not far behind. Yuk.

Missouri has beautiful places to see the changing of trees, and usually October is the best time. We have had plenty of rain so the colors should be really good this year.

Sounds like a girls trip to the local winery to enjoy the changing trees....ya think?

Things I love about Fall:

1. The smell of burning leave and Bonn-fires.

2. Warm days and cool nights.

3. The amazing colors of the trees.

4. Sleeping with the windows open.

5. Camping

6. Lower utility bills.
7. Raking leaves into large piles and jumping into them. (loved that when I was a kid)
8. Long walks at dusk (even the sunsets seem amazing).
Leave a note and tell me your favorite things or memories of Fall. I cannot be the only one who loves this time of year.


Huse Blog is it Anyway? said...

I'm SO jealous! I'm in TEXAS for "fall." There is no "fall" here. Nothing falls. Not even the temperature. Well, it SLIPS, but definitely doesn't FALL.

So, I'd have to second everything you listed. Especially the lower utility bills. Ours was $350 this month. Seriously!?

So, thanks for making me jealous! Can't wait to hear about the girls trip to the wineries. I miss those!!!

utmomof5 said...

Fall is absolutly my favorite season!! I think it is because I grew up where the seasons never really changed (San Diego) and my first time living in Utah and seeing the colors change was absolutly amazing!! I never realized what I was missing!! Just beautiful!!!

Anonymous said...

Those are the most beautiful photos! I would say please tell me where you found that view so I can witness it first hand, but I'm guessing it's probably in your back yard. Sis is right, I'm jealous!