Sunday, September 21, 2008

A Family Day

Today for the first time in at least 4 months (as long as it take MD to complete a basement job) we had a family day. We went to Centennial Farms and picked apples. Of course the day would not have been complete without a little rain, drizzle actually. But all in all we had a very good time.

Of course Devin did not want to go. What is it about 14 year old boys that makes them not want to hang out with the family? We basically told him he had no choice, he was going. There was a lot of grumbling at first from the back seat.

MD had to help Mikayla with some of her picking as she wanted ones from the tops of the trees. Typical girl always wanting something out of her reach!

Devin said I was stalking him, what do you think? Needless to say I did not pick any apples, but I took lots of pictures.

He did however like showing me what he had picked.

I believe at this point MD had already eaten 3 apples and was waiting to see where the kids were.

I like watching MD with the kids outside of the house. They seem to get along MUCH better when not at home. Is that weird or what?

I guess at home there is always chores to do, homework to do, phone ringing, work to be done, what ever but when we are away from the house........................calm seems to come over everybody and we actually gt along. Hum....maybe we should leave home more often.

Mikayla seem to do a little more than pick apples, she kept bringing me flowers that she found. Wanting to know what they or what they were going to be and where it came from. I had nothing. I do not know flowers at all. Give me evergreens or trees and I am good to go, flowers not so much.

After we got back from apple picking we went to Cracker Barrel to eat.

I cannot tell you the last time we ate there. And again Devin grumbled (I think it was that we were close to home again). We told him he had to eat then we were going to Walmart to find his Air Soft gun (I hate these things by the way). He actually stopped complaining............................................for about 10 minutes. He really does not like family outings, shopping, eating, or what ever it is we would like to do. He would much rather stay home.


Huse Blog is it Anyway? said...

Ohhh...teenagers...I do NOT look forward to that.

Nice photo documentation. I noticed you didn't get a single picture of yourself. Smooth move.

Felicia D said...

I'm slighty jealous... :~{

mdx3mom said...

Kindof hard to get yourself in pictures when it is YOU taking them. I have a perfect remberance of everyone in my family minus me. Guess when I am gone no one will remember what I looked like.

That may not be a bad thing!

Huse Blog is it Anyway? said...

Guess I should do a video tutorial on my blog about how to get the perfect long-arm shot. It's great for thinning out the face, if you do it right. Then you'd have a ton of pictures of yourself. :-)

Laggin said...

Looks like a fun day...thanks for stopping by my place!