Wednesday, September 03, 2008

The Internet Is least for now

I tell you what, we must be the most BORING family around. I have absolutely nothing new going on since my last entry.
Well since just before the Olympics we have been without wireless Internet , which has led to MANY arguments about whose turn it was to use the only computer that DID have the Internet. Then during the Olympics what Internet we had left decided to come and go, then this week it went away totally!
On the up side the kids went outside more, even in the poring rain. But on the down side I use the Internet to schedule all my bills, balance my accounts, and when not at work (like today) check email. Oh yea, and update my blog, which Felicia has been reminding me about. Sorry Kiddo.
School seems to be going well for all tree of my monsters. Felicia is back up north and loves having an apartment (even if it is small) over a dorm room. She has registered as a substitute teacher in the local school district. She has been asked to teach a kindergarten class. Ha ........ Felicia with small children. I really have to see that. But she turned it down, as she has two home bound high school students that she also attends with, and that particular day was a conflict in time. Devin comes home and does homework without being asked (now how well he is actually doing has yet to be seen). He really likes his metal and woods class. MD said that he comes home to discuss what he is doing that day. Finally those two have something to talk about. Then the youngest MD......... Mikayla hit 7th grade without a bump in the road. She is now taller than Felicia (which makes Felicia the shortest in the family). I do believe that Mikayla may end up taller than me yet. She wears the same size shoe (which means mine disappear) and is 2 pant sizes smaller.
My camera is still on the crappers, which means no pictures of the Labor Day party we went to. Man I need to get off me bum and either get it fixed or get a new one!
I am on vacation this week (except Tuesday they needed me to come in). And so far it has been a working vacation. Luckily it is raining and I do not have to do the outside work that I was supposed to do. But now I get to do the inside. Carpet cleaning is on the top of the list, and cleaning Devin's room (he will be angry about that) and getting Felicia's room cleaned. It is also closet clean out time.
That's us in a nut shell, boring, I told you
Oh yea, one thing. In October will be having the stone and brick put on the house. And no this time WE are not doing it. MD actually agreed to hire this one out. Besides we got bids on just materials and for not much more we can have someone who does this for a living do it!
Love that.
Well until next time, thanks for stopping by.
See nothing controversial this time.

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