Friday, September 05, 2008

My Baby is Growing Up

Well Mikayla went and did it.......................she grew into a teenager. And without my permission. What nerve!

Mother Nature caught up with her a year earlier than she did with Felicia and I. Bummer for her, but all went well for her first time. She would shoot me if I went into more details so I will not.

Anyone who knows my family knows that the girls in my family were blessed with the bushman eyebrows. Now I have had mine waxed, tweezed, and yanked out since grade 5. I had some monsters and my grandmother said it was time to get them under control when she came out for a visit. And they (me brows) were made to be thin (when thin was in) and there is no way they are growing back now.

Felicia keeps hers thicker but they are still about half the size they use to be! Poor girl, inherited the hair from me that was for sure.

Now Mikayla has decided that it is time for her (not that I blame her). Even though she has blonder hair that Felicia and I she wanted them done. She is also wearing the same size shoes as I and only 2 pant sizes smaller!

I am not ready for her to grow up yet! Any way I can get her to stop????

Yes I am still without a camera.......these were taken with Felicia's which of course is gone to school with her. I went to the store yesterday to get one and the one I wanted (and could afford) was out of stock. Of course it was, it was on sale! I asked them to get another shipped to the store and they said they would try. I guess I will check in tomorrow. Hopefully I will have a new one soon.


Michelle said...

My youngest daughter has the big eyebrows too! She waxes them to keep them under control! Mine are pretty blonde and I have to pencil them to show that I even have any

Huse Blog is it Anyway? said...

You crack me up! I love this post!

I always joke that I have to get my caterpillars waxed. When they're at their worst, I look like I have caterpillars crawling across my face. Although, mine are totally blonde, so you don't see them really until you're up close

Felicia D said...

the dannemann clan is not so lucky in the brow department...