Saturday, September 20, 2008

Saturday Chores

Okay so I have walked my 2.5 miles at 8am this morning (still no abs of steel). Did some plant trimming, made beds, and read........Oh I do not know..................something like 30 some odd blogs (I lost track of time). Now I have to go out and do yard work with Devin
Get him while he is he in the mood ya know.

He is very rarely in the mood to do any work around the house.

But I had a request from Rachael at Huse Blog is it Anyway to give a size reference to the AMAZING and FREAKISH things growing in my back yard... My bananas.

I had my youngest stand in front of the trees. I could not put anything close to the "pod" as I am no where near tall enough.

Mikayla is 5'2" and seems to be dwarfed by the trees themselves. And if you look to the left just above her head you will see the "pod". It is the reddish thing hanging up there.

After snapping her picture, we checked out the pod o flowers and low and behold they MULTIPLIED!
Does every leaf produce a bunch of flowers? This seemed to just happen overnight, I mean really the last pictures I took was on the 16th. So in 4 days there grew 2 other bunches!

Holy Cow (there is that saying again) this thing is going to be HUGE!

Sorry Rachael this is the best I could do. Maybe as the pod keeps lowering and getting closer to where I could actually reach it I can get something close to it for a better size reference.


Huse Blog is it Anyway? said...

HOLY COW is right! Thanks for the reference point! That is crazy!

So, are those things really going to turn into banana bananas? Like there are any other kind of bananas! You know what I mean....because you might have to find a farmer's market to take them to, or make 200 loaves of banana bread! If you choose the latter, I'll send my mailing address.

mdx3mom said...

I have no idea how editable these things get. I have been told they are (I do not think they get big enough before it gets cold) but I have never had one.

A fried this morning said the same thing about the bread. I do not even know how to make banana bread. Send recipies.