Thursday, September 04, 2008

There Really IS A Santa Clause

I have never told my children that there is no Santa. I have however explained that the jolly men dressed in red suits are not THE Santa Clause. I explained to them that Santa has lived for many many years in every one's hearts. Now mind you that my YOUNGEST child is 12. They know that it is MD and I that actually buy their presents. Santa only gets to claim one big present. Not all like when I was a kid. We did have one Christmas they were all from Santa and our kids would ask us where our present to them was and that was the last year Santa got all the fame.

This is my idea of what Santa actually looks like.

Last year I found the "Santa Claus Blog" and showed it to my kids (ages 12 - 19). We all now follow him throughout the year. I believe we would all be better people to live in fantasies every once in a while. Or at least we could all smile a bit more if not happier. My kids forgot for a while what Christmas was for......not just getting presents. MD and I are on a mission to get them to remember what Christmas is for. Even if you are of a religion not christian, and do not do the whole Jesus born thing. This particular holiday just seems to ...................................

Oops there I go again, on a rant. We will save that rant when I am more ready to bark back at nasty people responses. Just check out the site some time. It is really cute to see the travels of Santa Clause on his time off.


Huse Blog is it Anyway? said...

DANG, I thought you were going to go there! Oh well. :-(

I'm going to check out the blog now.

Felicia D said...

That's right. We still believe in Santa Claus!