Saturday, October 04, 2008

Antoher One Down for the Count

MD has finished another basement (actually two weeks ago). This one took over 5 months to finish, longest one yet. Over 2,000 square feet of a lot of work, noise, dust, and early weekend rising. But in the end the homeowners loved the work MD did.

Mr. homeowner wanted a BIG Bar open to his theater room .......... Do ya think he got it?

MD had a few choice words coming from his mouth when building this bar. Since it is actually so thin he had to get creative with how this was going to hold the weight of the Cambria counters. Man them suckers are heavy. As always, it worked out great. The bar is as solid as a rock and sturdier.

Since they used tin on the ceiling, MD suggested they also use it for the back splash. I think it turned out FABULOUS!

He did a different pattern with the tile behind the bar to give it some separation.

The only thing MD did not do in this basement was lay the carpet and install the Cambria counters. His knees are still peeling from all the tile work. Over 1800 square feet. He was always grumpy on those days.

Ms. homeowner wanted a custom vanity top. They were going to go Cambria, but the sales person suggested that MD make their vanity (to save THEM money).

She also wanted a BIG shower, so this is what MD gave her. What do ya think? There is a seat on the right side that you can not see. I am sooooo jealous as our shower has no seat, ledge, nothing. To shave I have to get a balancing act going, holding my leg up with one had and shave with the other.

I can not wait until we get to redo our master bath. I have already started drawing up pictures. So far MD likes what I have shown him. Of course it will be sometime next year before we can afford what we want to do. Besides this basement is helping pay for the brick/stone we are getting put on the front in a couple of weeks.

This basement consisted of two bedrooms, 1 large bathroom, game area, bar area and theater room (area).

MD also install two large windows (1 per room) the french doors.

Last weekend and this weekend he is off building a deck. Devin is helping this weekend. FINALLY putting the boy to good use, and he is doing what he likes to do. Maybe he (they) will not be soooooo grumpy when they get home.

On a separate note ............................. everyone keep your fingers crossed for my sister as she is on a job interview today!

Oh yea, Banana Tree Update (this will make for one very long post. Sorry)

We are getting quite a few bananas!

Now do not forget the "pod" use to cover all of the bananas, it is now about half its original size.

And it is still dropping leaves with new bananas under each leaf! It is leaning enough for me to stick my hand next to what is left of the pod. (No jokes on how old my hand look I already know they look old!)

These trees below are a bit smaller than the one producing bananas but they are all still taller than I am . Can you tell MD likes his banana trees? They are all over my back yard. But he keeps telling me I can not plant anymore trees. He says that I would have a forest if he did not keep me in line.

He is probably right. But when you live on the corner of a very busy street, why not have a forest between you and the noise? I I would not have to look at cars driving by all the time. Just you wait, I usually get what I want so a few more trees may still be in my future. Besides I want them on the side of the house, not the back yard.


Huse Blog is it Anyway? said...

Okay, did I give you permission to put up photos of my basement?

And the bananas - that is just plain crazy! Your hand is not old looking!

One question - does your wiener dog run across the pool covering?

Ethan said...

Re: the shaving in the shower...

You should try some yoga classes, MD. That'll help you with standing on one leg.

Much cheaper than a new shower. :)