Monday, October 13, 2008

A Christmas Gathering of Sorts

Well it is the week before mom and dad leave to "winter" in Florida. This year they decided to have the family together for our "Christmas" dinner.
We had our normal dinner of Lasagna, salad, garlic bread, roast, veggies, and potatoes. All yummy as usual.
And no, Devin has STILL not gotten a hair cut. I think he has had one in a 12 month period so far. Felicia's hair is actually shorter than Devin's. But his grades are going up so I guess I will deal with the hair.

We also celebrated Kahlen's 7th birthday. He is such a chunky monkey, and so excited to see Devin. He absolutely adores Devin (we have not yet figured out why).

Audrey and I may get together for Christmas in December, depending if we decide to go to Florida or not. I am thinking that we will probably not venture away from home this year. With all the projects going on with the house and one never knows what the weather will be. We can not afford to get stuck between Florida and here.
Man do I need to actually spend some time on my pictures, this one was kind of dark. But no time to play have yet to finish cleaning the kitchen, fold some laundry, and break up a few arguments that I am listening to. Cleaning seems to NEVER go away, and when you are as OCD as I am about having a clean house (or at the very least a non messy one) it is never ending. I am currently staring at dirty windows and it is driving me crazy. MD says to not bother until after NEXT week when the brick guys are done with the front. He states that it will be a waste of time doing them now as I will have to redo them when they are done.
Do you not just love a man that gives you excuses to NOT clean! Got to love that man.

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Huse Yo Mama said...

Looks like fun! Great photos!!!