Friday, October 24, 2008

It is a Halloween Gathering

Tonight is our streets annual Halloween gathering. We all come out to the court with deserts and appetizers. We gather around a large fire and get to know each other all over again. Sometimes it is the only time we see some of our neighbors, because of work, kids or what ever we do not socialize very often. I think these little gatherings are fun and a nice way to hang with the neighbors but not get all up into each others everyday personal stuff.

Hopefully the weather cooperates:
Cold we can handle, rain we can not. PLEASE do not rain tonight!


Huse Yo Mama said...

I hope it doesn't rain, but I'm sure someone will open their garage for the festivities if it does.

This is one thing about being military that we really don't stay in one place long enough to have "annual" events.

Tiffany T said...

"Rain, rain go AWAY!"
To live in a neighborhood where your neighbors make getting to know each other a priority, is a great blessing. We live down the street from my son's elementary school, so we are close to fellow students and their families... but that's a small percentage of the neighborhood. Maybe I should lead the "neighborhood fun" effort. Have a great time!

Laggin said...

It was beautiful here on the west side of your state last night. We had Younger's birthday party out in a park. I couldn't have gotten better late October weather if I had ordered it! Hope yours was good too.