Friday, October 17, 2008

Its Friday!!!!!!

Wa Ho its Friday!!

I am soooo glad its Friday. This week has been a monster week.

What is it with state agencies that require sooo much paperwork? We have two separate sites that we are working on doing their permit renewals and man both states are requiring these monster reports attached with them. I have gone through at least 10 cases of paper, and that is just for this current round of responses. This does not include the first round we already went though earlier this year and one round late last year.

For a country that is big on reducing, recycling, and reusing you would think that maybe the state EPA offices would at least accept reports on Cd's. Nope I have to put together these 2, 3, 4, and 5 volume reports (in 3 inch binders) for them to sit on a shelf somewhere.

Did I mention I am soooo glad it is Friday?


muffintop said...

Hey! Thanks for visiting my blog! I'm glad it's Friday too - although not as glad as I was before I had a baby... is there a way to program them to sleep in on the weekends!?

Laggin said...

Being a lawyer I can say this: lawyer = tree-killer!

Ethan said...

Be careful, MD! 10 cases of paper presents a lot of opportunities for paper cuts!

But maybe then you could sue the EPA for being the ultimate cause of the paper cut and thus waste even more paper...

... yeah, I'm glad it's Friday, too.

Felicia D said...

I like Ethan's idea...let's be sue-happy and get money we don't deserve...yay!