Sunday, October 19, 2008

We Are In A Holding Pattern!

OK so we started the demolition / prep of the front of the house this weekend. Saturday was spent on the first floor ripping all the siding down, cleaning up, putting up the tar paper, cleaning up, then sealing the windows, and cleaning up. I will have to say we worked our tales off.

By late afternoon we had up most of the tar paper. It was really hard getting anything done because every hour or so someone from the neighborhood would come by and ask us LOTS of questions about what we were doing (most of our neighbors think we are crazy for all the projects we take on). I would say we were stopped about 7 different times. And of course these were long discussions (never mind the fact they could SEE we were working)

Today we started on the garage (it got too dark to finish it yesterday) and MD had me crawling up and down this contraption. Looks none too safe does it? I totally did not like being up on this ladder. So I told MD I was not going to do anymore of the garage and that he could finish. I went on the roof (where I felt way more comfortable) and started removing the siding up there.

I got most of the siding removed before MD got up there or at least what I could reach. Then the scary ladders came back. I recruited RD to hold the ladder while MD shimmied up them. I do not feel one bit comfortable being responsible for the security of the ladder when both ME and the ladder weigh more than I do. I started putting up the tar paper, when the boys got done playing on the ladders I left them to finish and I still had laundry, house cleaning, and the yard to mow. I had no idea where the kids took off. They say that there was going to be work so they dissapeared. Neither one came home until dark.

We are now finished with the prep work minus putting support beams up on the porch. This we will do when the contractor gets here. Which by the way has been pushed off another week. He is stuck on another job that the carpenters keep lagging behind on. So we are now told it will be the week of Halloween before they get here! Oh well, MD has to cut bricks so that gives him more time to do so.


Huse Yo Mama said...

Wow. If I lived in your neighborhood, I'm pretty sure I would have snapped photos and blogged about you. :-)

Felicia D said...

Like Devin and Mikayla...I would've skipped out too! You always seem to recruit the eldest for all the inside work. That whole sleeping in thing never helps me when you have these

Laggin said...

Again. Wow. Just wow.

Michelle said...

Wow! that is alot of work!