Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Well I finally am recovered from this past weekends festivities (well almost).

Friday was cold but fun, we all sat around a fire and ate and visited. I have to say the Cinnamon rolls I made were a total hit.

Everyone was wanting to take leftovers home! I obviously made wayyyyyy too many. Though the recipe did not come from me ........go here to this website for the best cinnamon rolls ever! Your family, friends and coworkers will beg for more I promise.

It was Saturday's party that did me in. I was given concoctions I had never heard of (and to say I do not normally drink is an understatement). "Chocolate Love" could not tell you what was in it nor can I remember how it tasted. But if you want to get stupid, hammered, sh$@^^ faced fast that will be the drink to do it. Oh and finish it off with a couple shots of Tequila. That will do it for sure. Or at least that is what did it to me.

Now remember I had no brain cells when I took these pictures.
I have no idea how this turned out blue!
And then the very next picture came out sooo dark?
This is the only picture I took that was not blurry or blue.
But let me tell you, Sunday I PAID for every bit of fun I had Saturday. Praying to the porcelain God does not cover what I did. I think I not only prayed but tried to move in. No headache though just a lot of dry heaves! YUK (sorry)!
I still managed to go to work on Monday (I looked like a ghost though) and made it through with no complaining. Yea me! But it will be quite a while before drinking and I meet again!

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