Thursday, October 30, 2008

Where did my boy go?

My only son, my middle child, the one who use to light up when ever we were together, the one who always wanted to go everywhere with me. That was then, this is now. I have lost my little boy to this teenager, who is just plain foul. I have no other word to describe this person who has taken the place of my little boy.
This boy who is mean to his sisters for no apparent reason other than to hear them argue, who teases the dogs just to hear them bark, who speaks to MD and I as if we were trash.
Neighbors say they cannot believe that he acts this way, they say he is always the poster child for great kids. That is until our street gathering last Friday, Devin showed some of his true colors. Which had one neighbor telling him to not act that way towards his parents.
I have racked my brain silly trying to figure out what I did wrong. He cares about nothing, not his grades, his appearance, his family, his wrestling, nothing.
I have tried getting him to get back into his school work, nothing, actually in some classes he got worse. His eldest sister has tried talking with him about school and about wrestling. Nothing again.
Years ago we tried a psychologist, that did not work. That was the first sign of the DEMON seed emerging.
So we have gone the counselor route, sports route, mentor route.
I just want my little guy back, my smiling happy boy back, my confident smart boy back. I don't know how, but I want him back, I do not much like this person who has taken his place.


utmomof5 said...

Oh girl!! I am so sorry. i wish I had some fab words for you. My 13 year old gets an attitude every once in awhile but all in all he is good. Good luck with your son. Maybe some more counseling will help, Good luck!!

Laggin said...

Uhg. We've had so much up and down with Eldest. I can really commiserate with this post. The funny thing is that after YEARS of trying to micro manage her poor school work, this year, I decided to just bug out. Guess what? She's not a straight A student or anything, but she's doing better than we could have expected.

At her worst, we took away ever privilege possible (phone, TV, computer, out with friends). Then we set goals for her to earn back the privileges. One goal was just being decent to her family. We told her she didn't have to be loving...just decent. I can't say it was a monumental success, but it did cause her to focus on the issue for awhile.

Hope it gets better soon!