Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Woordless Wednesday

Have nothing new to talk about, nothing new going on. Told ya we are a boring family most of the time. We have not even had any good arguments with the kids (both young ones are grounded again).

So I thought I would just post a picture of a Missouri Sunrise for your viewing pleasure.
MD's flight leaves at 3 today so it will just be me and the kids tonight. Should be an uneventful evening. We shall see what the moods are when I get home.


muffintop said...

Oh wow! Awesome pic!

Huse Yo Mama said...

Ahhh...the Missouri Sunrise. I can smell the crisp morning air!!!

Laggin said...

No sunrise on the Western side of the state today. Just clouds and rain. :(

young_one said...

Nice pic, makes me miss home. MD is an interesting way to refer to your husband, is he a doctor?

Felicia D said...

haha...Dad a doctor? lol... Such a pretty pic!

I remember those days of being least I liked to read, passed the time much faster.