Saturday, November 01, 2008


We at the MD house had a VERY good Halloween, and here is hope you all out there did too.

We again got with neighbors played music and passed out candy. The kids all thought it was cool because they got a lot in one stop.

MD, RD, DS, and JM decided they needed to do a little tasting of the spirits while we passed out candy. Not me, learned my lesson last weekend.

Devin and Mikayla went out this year, I think it will be Devin's last. He has not really decided. He is 14 and was not even sure that he was going to go this year, but his friends went and we ungrounded him for the night.

The little kids were so cute this year!

This little girl was just standing there dancing to the music while her parent stood around talking. She was soooooooooooo cute.

After the Trick r Treats were done we went to another neighbor's house for a party. JY makes the best chocolate orange port. MD loves his pumpkin beer.

LY Is too cute, and fun.
Devin and Mikayla had fun on Rock Band. Devin played the guitar and Mikayla played the drums.

There were again some very creative costumes here. My costume this year you ask.... I went as Devin. I put on my baggiest pants (man I hate that feeling), put on one of Devin's longest shirts (to hide my undies), pulled my hair into my face an put a ball cap on. Poof .. Devin!

Tonight is dinner and a movie with the girls. Maybe even check out a new place called Jive and Whale (dueling piano bar). I have been told that it is a jazz bar, should be fun.


Jannie said...

Looks like last night was a total fun-fest!!

I was kind of burned out on the whole thing until a couple of house passed out margaritas to us grown-ups.

mdx3mom said...

Some neighbors are just the coolest are they not?

Huse Yo Mama said...

Looks like y'all had a great time!

Passing out margaritas to the adults - BRILLIANT!!

Let me know about Jive and Whale. I'm gonna need a night out when I get to St. Louis!