Friday, November 07, 2008

Whoot!! Its Friday!!!

It has been a very very busy week. With the construction on the house, wrestling season started, and at work many large projects have started up.
One of our clients is working on a large landfill expansion, and we are responsible for the hydrgeological part. The hearing is in January and it is unbelievable how much we have to prepare and coordinate before that happens. I normally do not have to be very involved with the technical parts of these projects (as my schooling is in Respiratory), but my boss has decided he wants to have me include throughout the entire process. Which in the big picture is good for me, but I also run the office which I still have to have time for. I am also involved in another clients internal 3rd party Due Diligence Audit and on this project I am fully involved and have many different tasks as we provide all information available to them on a secure Internet site (this client is all over the country). Then we have our daily work with groundwater sampling, leachate sampling, site maintenance and statistical reporting. I am the Project Assistant to 5 project managers, the president and managing director. I have been working on getting another assistant, but this seems to be a difficult process as I have to do the interviewing but I have not had the time to do this.
Oh, the babble can go on forever, I am just glad it FRIDAY!!!!!
Now the busy starts at home on the weekends. MD starts another home remodel this weekend. Someone wants a new bathroom. That means he is going to be gone on the weekends again. Back to single parenthood.
Oh, pooh got to get ready for work. Have a Wonderful Friday!


Laggin said...

Wow. You ARE busy! Hope things are slowing down by now.

utmomof5 said...

Holy Crap!! That is one busy schedule! I can understand why you are so excited it is Friday!

Oh and your house is looking so fantastic! Love the new exterior :)