Friday, December 26, 2008

The Day after Christmas

I have started reading yet another book, the Host (thanks for the suggestion). My Eldest got it for me for Christmas. But she first sent me to read the unpublished version that the author put on her website called "Midnight Sun". It is Twilight from Edward's view. Even knowing exactly what happens I was once again drawn in. It is approximately 260 some pages. I hope that she will eventually finish the book and publish it in entirety.

Who I feel sorry for is all the young men out there. Any young lady that reads this will be searching for their "Edward" and this makes it hard or the young men out there. Constantly being compared to this fictional character.
I am also reading Duma Key by Steven King. I know, I know, two very different types of reading. It is what I know and am use to, old habits die hard.

I absolutely love the day after Christmas. Company is gone and the house is once again quite and peaceful. The kids are still entangled with their gifts so there are no arguments. And I am on vacation for the rest of the year.

MD and I plan on go to the casino during the week to get away. I secretly thinks he wants to get my face out of the books. Then he has a healthy honey do list for me. No rest for the wicked as they say. At least the girl's bathroom will get redone. MD has had ants in pants walking around here "board" I now can cross off my stairs and new lights in the kitchen off our "To Do List". We replaced all the wood balusters with wrought iron and in the kitchen we replace the old (I s old loosely as we have only lived on our house for 5ears) light fixtures with new pendent lights. As soon as I mull through all the pictures, I will get them posted.

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