Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas One and All

I know I have been gone...again, sorry!

I have disappeared into the world of reading. Imagine, me reading. Over Thanksgiving my Eldest brought home Twilight, I had it done in two days. Of course she did not bring the rest of the series thinking I would never get done with the first so quickly. So she brought them home for Christmas break. MD was a bit upset with me due to the fact that I have doing nothing but working and reading for the last 7 days. I just finished the 4th book this morning. He was elated. I think he felt neglected or ignored. He can be such a baby some is so cute.

Now I will have to say that the Twilight series has be yearning for more, I am on the hunt for more to read. Any suggestions. Eldest thinks it is funny as I have not had this reaction with any of the other books she gets into. Harry Potter could not hold my interest, it seemed that the only types of book that held me were scary books. I think I own EVERY book Steven King has written, and a couple from Dean Kunz. But I fear should I get so inthralled with another book as I have these last 4 MD will go to feeling left out.
He is so cute when he is jealous.
Oops need to get dinner ready!


Creative Mish said...

I'm currently reading the Janet Evonovich books! They're about Stephanie Plumb.. A bounty hunter! They're really good. I'm currently on book 12 of 14..

Have a Very Merry Christmas!!!

Laggin said...

Read "The Host" it is Stephanie Meyer's book for adults.

utmomof5 said...

The Host is a good one -- I didn't like it as much as Twilight series but still good. Why are hubbies such babies when we get a good book? I mean sheesh, don't they know that Edward and Bella must be read?!