Saturday, December 27, 2008

Well here I sit again, trying to find something in this brain of mine to write about..... Nothing, I have absolutely nothing. Random images pop in, but nothing of interest there.
It is raining, very hard, and strong winds. They have tornado warnings on the news. Tornado's in very strange. What a weird winter we are having, the news states that we will dropping back down to 30 degrees. So that means all this wonderful rain will turn to ice! Yea, more cabin fever to come.
Did you ever get that Dejavo feeling, I get it all the time. The weird thing, sometimes if I sit and think about it hard enough I can sometimes figure out what will happen next. That is kind of creepy (I think), and makes me shudder every time it happens. I just had one of the Dejavo moments, sitting here typing this exact post. I wonder why, there is no rhyme or reason to these VERY familiar feelings and pictures in my head.
MD is gone on another job bid. I very much dislike him away from me epically with the weather the way it is. I sit on pins and needles until he calls to say he in his way home, and then still until I hear the garage door go up. He is always telling me I am a worrier. I guess I worry about him more than I should.
And I cannot believe that I am about to say what I am.
Many years ago I went to a party where each of had our fortunes told. I know this is supposed to be for fun, nothing supposedly concrete. Every one was coming out with all the "fun" information they were told... getting married, new house, new job, etc. So I thought okay this will be fun.
My turn came, the lady started with some kind of prayer, then started talking and writing (for me to save), the first words she said was that I had two children (wrong) then stopped and corrected herself stating that I had two from my husband and one from a previous relationship (okay that was creepy and right). She went on to say I was healthy and saw no problems with my health (I already knew this). That she saw me getting a dog (funny as MD was dead set against this, but 5 years later we got a dog).
Then she went on to talk about MD. I immediately got anxious, she said that we were very happy and saw that he loved me deeply. But (I hate buts) I would need to be strong, strong for my kids as MD and I would not grow old together. She described his vehicle to perfection, at that time he drove a van for work (and she and MD both called it a truck). I immediately stiffened, this was getting creepier and weirder. I was not sure that I wanted her to continue, why was she telling me these kind of things. I thought that fortune tellers were not to tell of bad things yet here she was telling me those very things! She went on to say that I needed to watch out for a "Bob" as this person was not safe for MD. She said that the children would be young and that I would have to be strong for them. I just wanted her to stop, I wanted no more information I wanted to run. I stayed and listened, burning everything she said into my head.
She them went on a change of course (this I was glad for), she said that I had a coworker that would be getting married that October and that we would attend his wedding (right again).
Then she went back to the previous topic, why was she intended to dig it in deeper? She said that I would find love again (ugh back to that, I did not want to go here) and that I would be happy again. I would be sad for a long time and that this person was good for me. He would love my kids (oh, and she said that I would have no more children, that was okay by me). This was the person whom I was to grow old with. She went on about other things that at this moment I cannot remember. I do not dare look at the paper she gave me, I have it stashed in a book in my closet. I thought I would change the subject of MD and asked about my parents, mistake number two. She said that I should spend as much time as I could with them, that they would be getting sick (just now I remembered she was right again) at that point I dared not asking her any other questions about any other family members for fear of what else she would say to me.
I left her as fast as I could, practically running up the stairs. I went to my friend that had the party explained what was said. She freaked, no one else was told any kind of information near what I received. Why would this woman just tell me of unfortunate things in my future and not anyone else? I have since thought of seeing another fortune teller, but obviously I do not want a repeat of what she told me. MD is still with me and nothing has ever gone wrong. I keep telling myself that she was wrong,hard to do with all the things she WAS right about and keeps being right about.
Okay so much for not have anything to say...funny how weird memories just pop in my head, and you have to drudge through. See where my mind goes when MD is gone. Ugh silly little me!


Felicia said...

You know if Devin or Mikayla ever read this they will be slightly confused...

Heather said...

That is terrible! What a bummer to have to worry about what a fortune teller has told you, but how could you not?

Anonymous said...

Hello I really like reading your blog and the music that goes with it. I tried to follow you but I don't have a Google account. Do I need one? I'm on
I'm also on littlemansmom blog if that helps. Look forward to hearing form you.

Felicia said...


mdx3mom said...


Thank you for your comment! It is nice to hear from people who actually read my blog. Other than family that is, I know they read.

I am still new at this blogging thing, though I have been here for 2 years. I am still figuring out how things work. So as for following, I have no answer for you. But leave your site and I will visit you as well. Love to "meet" new people.