Wednesday, March 26, 2008

There is Progress!

I got home from school tonight and I was wonderfully surprised. We are finally showing progress with the remodel. Arches are up and most of the framing is done (I think).
Did I say I was already tired of sleeping in the loft? Well I must say it again. I believe that the kids are also tired of us being out there, because that is where all their video games are and we are not allowing them to play with it while our mattress is there. Plus the fact most of our clothes are there and there is nowhere for them to sit.

So here we are day 5, any bets on how long before I am back in my own room? Stay tuned to see how much longer we are sleeping in the loft.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Help the Dust

Did I say we were going to do a "little" remodeling? Man was I way off, this little project has turned into a Major project. That always seem to happen when MD is involved!

I do not know how much you can tell from the pictures but we have totally trashed my bedroom. Hopefully it will start looking like something soon. At least that will make me feel better about all the dust floating around the house.

Well it is now day three the the destruction of the bedroom. Day one consisted of emptying the room, pulling up carpet, padding, tack strips, pulling off door frames and moving cable.

Those shows on TV do not tell you just how much work is in emptying a room and and prepping it for whatever work you want to do. I would guess that is why they do not do REAL construction in these rooms. Otherwise there is NO WAY they would get it done in two days.

Day two consisted of framing, framing, framing and more framing. It seems never ending. Now I know you are out there saying .... take it easy it has only been two days.....have you never seen the amount of dust this kind of work puts out! I am here to tell you, it is everywhere and is never ending.

We are on day three with ...... you guessed it more framing!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

We Are Under Construction

We are once again under construction here are the MD house. This time it is the Master Bedroom that is being attacked. Mike said he is tired of the carpet, walls, paint... pretty much everything.
SO here are a few before pictures. Please excuse the mess, I did not feel the need to clean up and make the bed if I was just going to turn around and tear it all up.

So stay tuned and watch our progression through the transformation of my bedroom. I guarantee that it will look nothing like this when we are completed. And yes I said we, Mike is a pro at construction, but I am a pro at demolition. I got the job of tearing up the carpet and padding. And I also get the chore of cleaning up after Mike. He does tend to just toss stuff everywhere. It is a full time job just getting all the dust, drywall, nails and such up so he does not fall over himself. I will also be in charge of painting and decorating. All in addition to trying to keep the mess in the rest of the house at bay (during construction that is not easy). Mike is the builder. And he has some way out there ideas for this room, can not wait to show you.

Flood Updates

Thought I would give all of you a bit of an update on our flooding situation. Well it really does not affect our family as much as we live no where near a flooded area. But a co-workers wife works in Fenton in the thick of it. It seems a coworker of hers got the idea to go on the roof of the Meritz building and take pictures.

This is what quite a few of the side roads look like the Eureka area also. The hwy 141 area under hwy 44 is at least 16 feet under water (the water touches the hwy 44 bridge).

Needless to say that all this water is making traffic a nightmare in these areas. I feel for friends and family who have to spend any time in this!

Talk about nervous! I do not think I could live anywhere near a levee. Just the thought of having to wake up to this would give me nightmares.

Another view from the top of Meritz.

Oh and did I tell is snowing today. It has been snowing for at least the last two hours.

Missouri weather....go figure.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Old Man Winter Goes On Vacation

We are quite ready for Old Man Winter to go on Vacation. It seems he has agreed, and with the promise of warmer weather one must expect to deal with some rain. Well Missouri weather does not know the word "moderation". When we get something we get a lot of it. And rain is no exception. They say that the Meramac River will crest at 34.2 feet tomorrow. Levee breaks along the Missouri River flooded farms, highways and railroad tracks, and left dozens of homes surrounded by water, as the flooding that has threatened the region is expected to peak in some spots this weekend.

The Meramec River is to reach a crest of 40 feet on Saturday, March 22, at Valley Park, higher than the previously largest crest of 39.6 feet, recorded in 1982. They are closing major roads which will add to the headache of morning traffic.

We have not had this much precipitation in many years. 1993 was our huge flood here in Missouri. Since then they re-built levees, and have built subdivisions, industrial and parks in what use to be flood planes. Those of us who grew up in these areas just shake our heads. The water will go where it wants, and no builders guarantee will stop it.

So for now we are all high and dry, no water where WE live. But to our friends who decided to believe the builders that said "new 500 year levee" we are here for you when you get wet. At least tomorrow is the first day of spring and we are to be in the 60's. Drying up in no time!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

It's A Wine Thing

We have absolutely WONDERFUL neighbors.

We can all get together after not seeing each other all winter and it is just like we have been together the whole time. One of our neighbors up the street hold an annual "Wine Tasting Party". The whole event is absolutely (you see how often I use this word when speaking of our neighbors) wonderfully enjoyable. I guess that it does not hurt that it is adults only. I am starting to get use to these nights out.
This year's theme was South African. We were all given a type of whine to bring and it had to be from South Africa. They supplied the food, and oh what food they had. I believe that PK is in the wrong business, he should be a chef! Every year the food is amazing. The type of food that I would be afraid to try in a restaurant. You know how expensive it can be to not like the food you just ordered.

This man can cook and that is all I have to say about that. Needless to say we had an absolutely wonderful time.

(I will be adding more pictures as I get them loaded)