Sunday, April 27, 2008

Just a Reply

I had a response from someone asking if I talk about anything other than my house. So I thought that I would write a response to answer their questions (and spelling correction). First off I never claimed to be the best speller, as a matter of fact is it well known (and usually the office joke) that I am the worst speller. I will look at a word and always question if it is spelled correctly. It usually is but it just does not look right. And I live by spell check!
As for always writing about my house, well that is what is going on right now. Later this summer I may babble about how Mikayla's trip to Girl Scout camp is going or how much I will miss her. But for now in the world of kids, not much changes. I mean really they are preteens/teens. What changes with them these days is very little. Or I could bore you all with the daily drums of what we do, such as........................
get up, get ready for school, work, and such. Argue with Devin about what ever he is in a bad mood about that day, or break up the daily argument between Mikayla and Devin (Felicia is glad to be away at college). Tell the kids to go to the bus stop about 100 times so they do not miss it again, and have to wait for the bus to come back around (which always makes me late for work).
I go to work no big change there, same stuff different day. And I do not think that 1. my clients would like me discussing their business on my blog or 2. Any of you would think that landfills are interesting and want to read me going on about what ever project we are currently working on.
I go home to further arguing between the siblings at home. I break them up, harp about getting homework done, and try to get dinner made. That is if MD does not have his honey-do list ready for me. Then try to get thing 1 and thing 2 into the shower and back to resembling humans once again, and try to get them to bed at a reasonable hour (so we do not have to argue in the morning about getting up).
Then IF Md is home, spend time with him, oh yea, and do my own homework from the classes that I mistakenly thought I would have time to take to get at least my Associates Degree completed.
So really it seems that once the kids are out of elementary school, and their particular sport is over for the season, every day is the same boring old thing. We are really not that interesting of a family. No Desperate Housewives stuff to report I go on about ALL our house projects. Because that is what we do, and what is constantly changing in my life. Other than my kids destroying what ever it is we just cleaned, remodeled, made, whatever.
So for those of you that are looking for some good gossip about the MD house I am sorry to disappoint, but I am glad that you do drop in from time to time to see how we are doing. By the way we are all doing the same no changes here.
As the Pioneer Woman says "We are Keeping it real". I just did not want to bore anyone.
Oh yea, in the last month (acutally less) the St. Louis are has had upwards of 15 plus earthquakes. But on those days I was unable to get logged on to discuss those!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Count Down to Being Finished!

We are getting down to the wire. And I guess I am getting a little over anxious, I already started filling the shelves with some goodies I have bought. MD and I have some unusual taste and finding items that we want is REALLY hard. But it never fails, in a few months or so after we have finished a project what we were looking for will be everywhere and we will have already moved on with something else.

When I did Felicia's room at our last house she was into "theme" rooms. Her first one she wanted was an African theme. I searched everywhere for non-kiddie items but also not tacky items. It was next to impossible to find what we were searching for so we ended up making (which was not easy) every thing she wanted. Then within about 7 months after we finished her room there was African themed items everywhere. And really nice stuff too, but it seemed that everyone was doing African themed rooms. And we are normally wanting different than everyone else. Then when she went away for three weeks one summer for a camp and she asked that I do her room in a medieval theme. She wanted a castle painted on her wall and daggers, knights and such in her room. Well a friend and I were unable to get the castle to look good on her wall so we just turned her room into a room from a castle. Sue and I painted stones on her wall and Sue painted windows looking out of the castle onto a meadow area (her room was in the basement without windows). It was really cool, except bedding was hard to locate so again I just had to make it. We used red velour (as velvet was WAY too expensive) and purple satin. We had a knight in armor standing guard and made a code of arms for the wall. And again we found it difficult to find everything that we were looking for then a year later the stuff was everywhere. By then WE were moving and Felicia wanted a diner theme in her new room. AGAIN I could find nothing from furniture to decor. MD had some 50's diner Pepsi posters, so I got those framed, and he also had some old time Pepsi trays that we put in her room. Kind of a Steak-n-Shake theme. We had to use closet organizers and paint them chrome for her furniture and desk. We tried to by a booth at a Denny's old time diner that was closing but they would not give up anything, they were moving the whole thing elsewhere (bummer). So we got her a silver futon with blank mattress. It worked. Now she is away at college and we toned down her room. Eventually when she moves out it will be a nice guest room with little effort.
It is now Mikayla's turn to keep changing her room, at least she does not do theme rooms. But her furniture does move around the room quite a bit. She has even drawn up picture boards of what she wants her room to look like.

Devin has told us to stay out of his room. He does not do change well, he has given us quite a bit of grief about changing our room. Nope change is not good for Devin.

With all that said MD and I have pretty much just decided that when we do something to a room in our house or something to our yard we are just going to have to make it ourselves. We know we have unusual taste but then again we have never had a problem selling a house that we have had. Everyone has seemed to like what we do, never more than 3 days on the market! Not that we move a lot, this is our third house in 17 years so I guess we are doing good.

Our debate currently is about paint, more like where to paint. MD wants a certain ceiling painted an I would rather leave it. I think that it would be too much and of course he does not. Your opinion would help so please leave a note with your vote.

The area in question is just above the lights that will be on either side of our bed. MD wants the ceiling painted that connects to the arch that is painted. I am for leaving it alone. To help with decisions, the dark areas where the lights are will have white moulding around them which will give more separation between the colors. MD said that painting the ceiling dark will give it more pizazz, really do men know what that is?

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Waiting for the Mud to Dry.

Well we are getting there. It seems like forever (actually only about 23 days ago) and I am wanting a real bed again. Not just our mattress thrown on the floor.

Please excuse the mess, it really was all clean yesterday. Hard to keep up with Mike and mud goo trailing all over the house.

But looking into the room every now and again to see his progress seems to make the mess a little less painful. The above view is the wall where our bed is going. The two drywall boxes sticking out of the wall are going to be our night stands. I like as little furniture as possible (can you tell?).

This view is of the shelving/entertainment center MD built for across our bed. He wants to be able to watch TV in bed. But what he forgets is that the second his head hits the pillow he is snoring and sound asleep. AND he never lets me watch TV if he wants to sleep. So someone tell me again WHY I have to have a TV in my bedroom?

MD and I went to Home Depot and Lowe's today to price out flooring and pick paint colors. I even got to check out the fancy closet systems. We have agreed on the colors.

No do not freak out, they are dark (actually darker than the picture shows). But we wabt the white moulding to pop out. So these colors should do the trick. The first color is really not part of our color choices, it is one they just stuck in there. The second color is "Winter Oak" from Behr as is the third color "Ashwood". We will be installing wood floors, kind of a medium red oak. That was pretty much my day in a hand bag.

Oh yeah can not forget that I did do research for my term paper all afternoon, as well as starting my essays for the test I have on Wednesday. Joy Joy Happy Happy.

School almost done...schoold almost done. Have to keep telling myself this.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Progress Poking Through

We are showing progress. Since Easter weekend MD has been pounding away in our bedroom. He has also been working his full time job AND completing two bathrooms at another house. The man has more energy in one leg than I can muster in my entire body including all three of our kids.
MD keeps changing his plans and coming up with new ideas on what our room is going to look like. Then he continues to ask what I think (of course what I say is not right) and keeps on going. LIKE THE ENERGIZER BUNNY!
Well with any remodel must come SHOPPING! And I did some shopping Sunday. Well a girl has to have her decor' right? Well at least I have new bedding and some little things for the room. I mean MD built a ton of shelves and they can not just sit there empty, right?
At least I did not pick flowers or anything feminine. I picked something on the masculine side for MD. And in the colors I liked. The picture of course does nothing for how nice things actually look. I did not have time to fix the colors before posting. And of course every room needs a little BLING.
A little silver and gold never hurt anyone, or any room for that matter.
Of course once MD actually finishes the room I may need to go on another shopping spree, on just never knows.

On a side note, mom and dad made it home from Florida just fine. BUT they came home to many not so happy surprises. First, they had to put out $300 for a service man to come on a Sunday to fix their thermostat so they could warm up the house. Second, they had to call an adjuster to come because a large branch fell from one of their large trees and took out their fence. Third, the truck battery was dead and had to be recharged before he could start it. Fourth, they went down to the family room in the basement to find they had water damage and to top it off black mold had set up residence in their walls. And to add insult to injury the adjuster informed them they would not cover the damage in the basement due to the fact that is was surface water that got in the basement and they do not cover that type of damage. You need to have flood insurance to get this type of water damage covered. Who would have ever thought they should have gotten flood insurance. They do not live anywhere near low areas that would have been effected by "flash floods" nor have they ever had a problem with water getting into the basement.

Got to love those Insurance Companies. What mom and dad do not realize yet is that even though the insurance company will not pay they will still have a claim against their account. And that is what is truly not fair.