Thursday, July 31, 2008

Very Mushy

See I told you we have had a lot of rain. Check out the size of these mushrooms!

These are growing outside my building at work. I have to say we are quite amazed at the size of them. The tops are the size of Frisbees.

We have a bunch of them growing in our landscaping at home also. Not this size but bigger than we have ever had. And growing everywhere.

I wonder how big they will get? We shall see I guess. This weekend they are saying near 100 temps.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Weird Summer Weather


It rained Sunday night, Monday, last night, today and there are "chances" of storms tomorrow.

Wed81°F 72°F
Thu88°F 70°F
Fri94°F 72°F
Sat97°F 74°F

I am beginning to think we need to build a very large boat, and prepare for the flood.

Hopefully we will be able to get into the pool this weekend.
Will it ever stop? Just wondering.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

White Trash

Like I have said before:

1. I work for a bunch of Environmental Scientist, Engineers, Biologists and Geologists.

2. I work with a bunch of people in their late twenties and early thirties.

3. And I work with a bunch of fun loving people.

With all that said, one of my coworkers had a White Trash Party. Me being the old lady of the office, I had no idea what this was. It was my wonderful college bound 19 year old daughter that enlightened me on what a white trash party was. Felicia says that they have these parties all the time at school. And she absolutely loves going to them. Seems like Halloween in the summer.

I was unable to attend DV's "White Trash" party as MD and I had already made plans. But from the following pictures it looks as if the rest of my coworkers had a good time.

A VERY Good Time!

Now Historically I always thought that Engineers, Geologists, and such would be boring. Come on now all of you, really, most of my math teachers in college were retired engineers. BORING!

Well to my surprise, not this bunch. Talk about a bunch of free spirits!

They do keep things interesting. I do like listening to their stories (just some of them are very much in the grey area for work), but they are fun.

And if there was a contest for the best white trash outfit DS totally hands down would win. So out of caracter for her!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Steal A Giggle

I ran across a cute little joke at a blog I stalk every now and again at Three Boys and Me, it reminded me of when my kids (Devin mostly) were small, and thought I would share it with you.

A woman is in a grocery store and happens upon a grandpa and his poorly behaving 3 year-old grandson at every turn.It's obvious gramps has his hands full with the kid screaming for candy in the candy aisle, cookies in the cookie aisle; same for fruit, cereal and soda.
Meanwhile gramps is working his way around saying in a controlled voice, 'easy Albert, we won't be long, easy boy'.
Another outburst and she hears gramps calmly say, 'it's OK Albert, just a couple more minutes and we'll be outta here, hang in there.'
At the checkout, the little terror is throwing items from the cart and gramps again in a controlled voice is saying, 'Albert, Albert, relax buddy, don't get upset -- we'll be home in five minutes; stay cool, Albert'.
Very impressed the woman goes up to gramps as he's loading the kid and the groceries into the car and says, 'You know sir, it's none of my business, but you were amazing in there. I don't know how you did it. The whole time you kept your composure and no matter how loud and disruptive he got, you just calmly kept saying things would be OK. Albert is very lucky to have you for his grandpa'.
'Thanks, lady,' said gramps, 'but I'm Albert -- the little turd's name is Johnny'

Saturday, July 19, 2008

My Baby Is Home

My baby left me for two weeks! She went to a Girl Scout Camp about a hour from home.
She has been attending some sort of camp for the last 3 plus years and always has a great time. But I have missed her terribly.
But she still goes no where without her yellow bear. And God help us if it is left anywhere.
When we flew to New York to visit family, that little item was the most important piece of luggage we had. We could loose anything else but Yellow Bear.
She likes meeting new people and this is one safe way to do it.
She always goes with her best friend Courtney. Mikayla feels safer meeting new people and going new places as long as she has her friend with her.

Mikayla is a self proclaimed outdoor girl. She loves being outside. That is as long as she has friends with her, lone walks outside are not her cup of tea.

She has attended the same horse camp now for the last two years. She complains about all the work she has to do get ready for a short ride. I do believe this little suburbanite has no idea what it means to be a county girl.

She does love animals though. She even brought home pictures of the humongous spiders she found.

MD insisted that I go buy her mosquito netting for her tent. Mikayla was absolutely against it after I got it up. She said it was totally not what she thought it was.

One of the first questions I asked her when I picked her up was if she used the netting. There was a unanimous YES from the back seat. She & Courtney both were very glad that they had the netting.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Aloha Tiffany

This is Tiffany. Isn't she cute?
I met Tiffany in a class last year and we seem to hit it off immediately. That is as much as a 40 something and a 20 something could hit it off (or even have in common). But she was fun to be around, so much so I offered her a position at the company I work for. I was ecstatic when she accepted a part-time admin position. That is until she decided that she was going to finish her degree some 2 hours away at Cape.

Today was Tiffany's last day at work. And believe me I tried everything to get her to stay and go to school locally. But in the end her mind was made up (not bad for an early 20 something) and now she is leaving. I will have to say, I am proud of her and I will really miss her.

This is Diana, and she is a total sweetheart!

She came up with the brilliant idea of giving Tiffany an Aloha party.

Which of course everyone in the office was up for. Any excuse to BBQ!

At times I feel really old and out of the loop as EVERYONE is so young in my office (there are only 4 people out of 25 people in my office older than me. It sucks getting old.) but Tiffany never made me feel out of place with a bunch of youngsters. BUT she did make me feel TALL.

I am 5'4" which is not tall, but with T I always felt tall. Thanks for that Tiffany.

This is Carissa, whom we have hired to replace Tiffany. Except Carissa will be full-time. THANK GOODNESS.

I have been the only full-time support person for over a year. I have been trying to get someone full time for a while.

So I will be looking forward to Carissa's first real work day on the 28th. She just came in for a training day today because Tiffany wanted to at least spend one day with her replacement. Tiffany and Diana are way more patient than I am (and yes I already knew this) so it is better for new people to spend time with them before they train with me.

Back to Tiffany.................................

Everyone at our company likes her and they showed her today how much.

Most of all by standing outside in 94 degree plus temperatures and in front of a grill cooking food.

Man it was hot outside today!

All the guys have a great sense of humor. And are a lot of fun to be around. Most everyone I work with are easy to get along with and make work tolerable. Weather you like your job or not. We all have a good time (at least I do).

Needless to say we did not get much work done, but we did get a lot of eating done.

I can only imagine what Carissa thinks of our Company. We spent most of they day eating and having fun. Even though we did squeezed some training in, it was mostly a fluff day.I must have said to her 10 billion times (I know I exaggerate) today was no representation of a normal work day. Shoot normally we only have 10 people in the office at any given time. Most of our staff work out of the office at a landfill working.

Bryan even got Tiffany to go for a ride on his "HARLEY". She was so excited, she turned red. It was great to see her so giddy.

So in closing Tiff, you had better come back for visits, and all of us will miss your cheery smile greeting us every day.

Friday, July 11, 2008

It was a Stormy Friday Night.............................

Mikayla is away at Girl Scout Camp for two weeks, Felicia is at Truman for Sorority activities, Devin lives on the computer playing World of War Craft. So what are the two of us to do on a stormy night? Well we get together with neighbors and play Texas Hold'em. Of course I totally suck at this game and am already out. Hopefully MD can pull out and win some back for me. I really do not get this game, to me there is not skill, just luck of the draw. I can not count cards, I am lucky to be able to keep track of what has been played.

Oh, it seem TH has just lost his pot, yea someone to keep me company. That is the other thing I do not like about this card game, once you are out, there is nothing for you to do, but watch. BORING!

It has been strangely quiet at the MD house this past week. MD has been in a basement all this week (except Tuesday and Wednesday to play with me for my birthday), and with the girls gone and Devin in his cave playing his computer games I wonder around talking to the dogs. I know that I am going toturn into one of them crazy old ladies that have long conversations with their pets, I just know it.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

My Kids vs When I was a Kid

Despite the four computers in our house, 4 video game systems, an abundance of books, toys, puzzles, games, and 8 televisions, my two youngest (mind you they are 12 and 14) still complains of being bored.
Really? Because when I was a kid, all we had to play with was dirt and each other. And I never remember being board (except on long car trips when my sister and I would fight). We seem to always be doing/getting into something.
"Mom, I'm boooooooored!"
This is the response most often heard when we will not allow them on the internet. Go read a book I say, of course the response I get is that is boring or I do not want to.
I do not get kids today. Swimming is even boring!
God help their kids, what will they do?

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Another Home Project Finally Completed

Another home project started and completed. First off following is a picture of the completed bedroom remodel we started at Easter. I clean forgot to post it after we finished it back in May. I guess getting spanked about writing about only our projects got me a bit brain frazzled. Not to mention the fact that cleaning up after MD and one of his projects is a chore in itself, AND Felicia came home from school, and the other two were getting ready to get out of school for the summer. So much to do so little time. So here is the finished room. I actually have pictures on the walls now and a large rug in front of the bed. But pretty much it is all DONE.
MD has since started doing another basement in the neighborhood as soon as he finished our room. But I did get him for a weekend to do a little yard project. We finished the back yard landscape, it has been a couple of years in the works. We decided it was finally time to finish.
MD thinks he was being funny. But I really did not want to be sprayed with the hose so I had to move. This was his way to say "stop taking pictures and help me".

But we got it all done and still had time to swim with RD & CD.
They brought their babies to play with ours. They had so much fun.

Little Wienies running all over the yard.
Stayed tuned for our next project………………

Taking the siding off the front of the house and putting up stone. That should be an interesting task.

Saturday, July 05, 2008

4th of July Festivities

Instead of fighting crowds to try to see some fireworks, the MD house opted to stay home. And it seems that our neighbors did the same. So we all got together and had our own Street Party. We all brought food, drinks, and of course FIREWORKS!

MD and I have been lucky, we ended up with great neighbors. We live in a rather large subdivision, and constantly we hear about little arguments and feuds between neighbors on other streets. But not on our street, we all get along, and I absolutely love my street.

And over the past almost 5 years we have made some good friends, adults and children alike. It was a very enjoyable evening we started off with FOOD, and lots of it. Grilled steaks, hamburgers, hot dogs, kabobs, salads, beans, potatoes and all kinds of deserts. It was hard getting the kids to eat. They were all excited about the fireworks and wanted to get to it. But with prodding we got them all to eat.


The kids had an absolute blast.

Of course Devin had to pull a Devin. He lit something, and flipped over in a neighbor's yard, he grabbed it thinking that it was a smoke bomb and not wanting to kill the grass. As he strolled out of the yard and across the street the damn thing blew up, and yes it was still in his hand! I just stood there, dropped mouth, and counted fingers. That boy has a frigging angel I tell ya, and they are doing overtime with him. Definitely earning their wings!

As the night went on and the explosions subsided we corralled around a nice fire. Which in itself is weird to say. You know JULY and we were all chilled. The topic at first around the fire was of course how WEIRD the weather has been, coldest July anyone could remember.
Like I have always said......
Missouri Weather, go figure.......................

Again, it was a wonderful 4th of July once again. We saw great fireworks and did not have to leave home or spend a fortune doing it.

We had great company and good food. What more could anyone ask for?

"The Last Dance"