Sunday, September 28, 2008

What's Your Pirate Name??

My pirate name is:

Mad Morgan Kidd

Every pirate is a little bit crazy. You, though, are more than just a little bit. Even though you're not always the traditional swaggering gallant, your steadiness and planning make you a fine, reliable pirate. Arr!

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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Fall Is Here

OK so this is not my back yard, but it is dark out and I did not have time to get a picture before it got dark. But it is the same pool cover. And closed pools can only mean the end of summer and the start of Fall.

My feelings are torn.........................Good - Fall is here. Bad Summer is over.

I so love the colors. The air seems cleaner and crisper. The only downfall of fall is I know winter is not far behind. Yuk.

Missouri has beautiful places to see the changing of trees, and usually October is the best time. We have had plenty of rain so the colors should be really good this year.

Sounds like a girls trip to the local winery to enjoy the changing trees....ya think?

Things I love about Fall:

1. The smell of burning leave and Bonn-fires.

2. Warm days and cool nights.

3. The amazing colors of the trees.

4. Sleeping with the windows open.

5. Camping

6. Lower utility bills.
7. Raking leaves into large piles and jumping into them. (loved that when I was a kid)
8. Long walks at dusk (even the sunsets seem amazing).
Leave a note and tell me your favorite things or memories of Fall. I cannot be the only one who loves this time of year.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

A Family Day

Today for the first time in at least 4 months (as long as it take MD to complete a basement job) we had a family day. We went to Centennial Farms and picked apples. Of course the day would not have been complete without a little rain, drizzle actually. But all in all we had a very good time.

Of course Devin did not want to go. What is it about 14 year old boys that makes them not want to hang out with the family? We basically told him he had no choice, he was going. There was a lot of grumbling at first from the back seat.

MD had to help Mikayla with some of her picking as she wanted ones from the tops of the trees. Typical girl always wanting something out of her reach!

Devin said I was stalking him, what do you think? Needless to say I did not pick any apples, but I took lots of pictures.

He did however like showing me what he had picked.

I believe at this point MD had already eaten 3 apples and was waiting to see where the kids were.

I like watching MD with the kids outside of the house. They seem to get along MUCH better when not at home. Is that weird or what?

I guess at home there is always chores to do, homework to do, phone ringing, work to be done, what ever but when we are away from the house........................calm seems to come over everybody and we actually gt along. Hum....maybe we should leave home more often.

Mikayla seem to do a little more than pick apples, she kept bringing me flowers that she found. Wanting to know what they or what they were going to be and where it came from. I had nothing. I do not know flowers at all. Give me evergreens or trees and I am good to go, flowers not so much.

After we got back from apple picking we went to Cracker Barrel to eat.

I cannot tell you the last time we ate there. And again Devin grumbled (I think it was that we were close to home again). We told him he had to eat then we were going to Walmart to find his Air Soft gun (I hate these things by the way). He actually stopped complaining............................................for about 10 minutes. He really does not like family outings, shopping, eating, or what ever it is we would like to do. He would much rather stay home.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Saturday Chores

Okay so I have walked my 2.5 miles at 8am this morning (still no abs of steel). Did some plant trimming, made beds, and read........Oh I do not know..................something like 30 some odd blogs (I lost track of time). Now I have to go out and do yard work with Devin
Get him while he is he in the mood ya know.

He is very rarely in the mood to do any work around the house.

But I had a request from Rachael at Huse Blog is it Anyway to give a size reference to the AMAZING and FREAKISH things growing in my back yard... My bananas.

I had my youngest stand in front of the trees. I could not put anything close to the "pod" as I am no where near tall enough.

Mikayla is 5'2" and seems to be dwarfed by the trees themselves. And if you look to the left just above her head you will see the "pod". It is the reddish thing hanging up there.

After snapping her picture, we checked out the pod o flowers and low and behold they MULTIPLIED!
Does every leaf produce a bunch of flowers? This seemed to just happen overnight, I mean really the last pictures I took was on the 16th. So in 4 days there grew 2 other bunches!

Holy Cow (there is that saying again) this thing is going to be HUGE!

Sorry Rachael this is the best I could do. Maybe as the pod keeps lowering and getting closer to where I could actually reach it I can get something close to it for a better size reference.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Where Weird Things Grow

I have said it before. My husband is a little strange. Here is one PERFECT example. We live in Missouri, all 4 seasons and all and we are growing BANANA trees. Yes I said it banana trees. He absolutely loves these things. He will call me outside every time we get a new leaf. "Come look at the size of this leaf" or "Look how many new trees are sprouting up". A strange one I tell ya. Anyway, I thought we would never get bananas but low and behold here they are in the early stages.

I had no idea what this was when it first shot up. Quite strange looking. Really you should see it. Now these next pictures were taken on the 10th. We could not figure what was going on with our little (15 foot tall) trees.
We were guessing that maybe they were going to banana trees do that?

These pictures were taken on the 16th and OMG is all I have to say!

This this is HUGE!

Are we growing a pod? What in the world is this thing growing in my back yard? Is it going to turn into pod people and take one of my children? I mean seriously look at the size of the thing! Then I rounded to the back side of the plant (brave am I) and I found this:

It seems that one of the "pod" leaves came up and underneath some flowers grew. But are they not the strangest flowers ever?

Then the proverbial light bulb turned on.......the yellow stem like things behind the flowers...........yep they are the bananas! They are about two inches or so long. How tiny, but what is up with the rest of the pod? Will each leaf produce a bunch of bananas? Holy cow (where did we come with that...Holy cow....are cows holy) that will be a lot of bananas. I think they better hurry up because it has been strangely cool this summer and I fear that if they wait much longer it will be too cold and MD will be chopping down the trees to put away for next year.

Stay tuned for more banana growth!


I found this cool little gadget on Huse Blog Is It anyway (I absolutly love her site). And she mentioned that Blogger has this cool new widget. It's called "Followers."

Check it out over there at the left-hand side of my screen. There is a little gold (I think) link that reads "Follow this blog." Under "Interesting People". Go ahead I will wait go check it out.
Now, if you have gmail it will give you updates in your google reader so you'll know when I've posted something new. No need to keep coming back to my site every day just to see that I STILL haven't posted.

Felicia this would be great for you so you can stop yelling at me to update. Anyone with tween children knows how hard it is to actually get time on your OWN computer.

If you don't have gmail, do it anyway. Let me know what happens (I do not have gmail either). Either way, your friendly little face will show up on my screen and you can make me feel popular because I'll have a bunch of faces over there.
Besides I like pictures and sharing them with everyone (duh!)

So, get on over there and stick your mug up there!

Friday, September 05, 2008

My Baby is Growing Up

Well Mikayla went and did it.......................she grew into a teenager. And without my permission. What nerve!

Mother Nature caught up with her a year earlier than she did with Felicia and I. Bummer for her, but all went well for her first time. She would shoot me if I went into more details so I will not.

Anyone who knows my family knows that the girls in my family were blessed with the bushman eyebrows. Now I have had mine waxed, tweezed, and yanked out since grade 5. I had some monsters and my grandmother said it was time to get them under control when she came out for a visit. And they (me brows) were made to be thin (when thin was in) and there is no way they are growing back now.

Felicia keeps hers thicker but they are still about half the size they use to be! Poor girl, inherited the hair from me that was for sure.

Now Mikayla has decided that it is time for her (not that I blame her). Even though she has blonder hair that Felicia and I she wanted them done. She is also wearing the same size shoes as I and only 2 pant sizes smaller!

I am not ready for her to grow up yet! Any way I can get her to stop????

Yes I am still without a camera.......these were taken with Felicia's which of course is gone to school with her. I went to the store yesterday to get one and the one I wanted (and could afford) was out of stock. Of course it was, it was on sale! I asked them to get another shipped to the store and they said they would try. I guess I will check in tomorrow. Hopefully I will have a new one soon.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

There Really IS A Santa Clause

I have never told my children that there is no Santa. I have however explained that the jolly men dressed in red suits are not THE Santa Clause. I explained to them that Santa has lived for many many years in every one's hearts. Now mind you that my YOUNGEST child is 12. They know that it is MD and I that actually buy their presents. Santa only gets to claim one big present. Not all like when I was a kid. We did have one Christmas they were all from Santa and our kids would ask us where our present to them was and that was the last year Santa got all the fame.

This is my idea of what Santa actually looks like.

Last year I found the "Santa Claus Blog" and showed it to my kids (ages 12 - 19). We all now follow him throughout the year. I believe we would all be better people to live in fantasies every once in a while. Or at least we could all smile a bit more if not happier. My kids forgot for a while what Christmas was for......not just getting presents. MD and I are on a mission to get them to remember what Christmas is for. Even if you are of a religion not christian, and do not do the whole Jesus born thing. This particular holiday just seems to ...................................

Oops there I go again, on a rant. We will save that rant when I am more ready to bark back at nasty people responses. Just check out the site some time. It is really cute to see the travels of Santa Clause on his time off.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

The Internet Is least for now

I tell you what, we must be the most BORING family around. I have absolutely nothing new going on since my last entry.
Well since just before the Olympics we have been without wireless Internet , which has led to MANY arguments about whose turn it was to use the only computer that DID have the Internet. Then during the Olympics what Internet we had left decided to come and go, then this week it went away totally!
On the up side the kids went outside more, even in the poring rain. But on the down side I use the Internet to schedule all my bills, balance my accounts, and when not at work (like today) check email. Oh yea, and update my blog, which Felicia has been reminding me about. Sorry Kiddo.
School seems to be going well for all tree of my monsters. Felicia is back up north and loves having an apartment (even if it is small) over a dorm room. She has registered as a substitute teacher in the local school district. She has been asked to teach a kindergarten class. Ha ........ Felicia with small children. I really have to see that. But she turned it down, as she has two home bound high school students that she also attends with, and that particular day was a conflict in time. Devin comes home and does homework without being asked (now how well he is actually doing has yet to be seen). He really likes his metal and woods class. MD said that he comes home to discuss what he is doing that day. Finally those two have something to talk about. Then the youngest MD......... Mikayla hit 7th grade without a bump in the road. She is now taller than Felicia (which makes Felicia the shortest in the family). I do believe that Mikayla may end up taller than me yet. She wears the same size shoe (which means mine disappear) and is 2 pant sizes smaller.
My camera is still on the crappers, which means no pictures of the Labor Day party we went to. Man I need to get off me bum and either get it fixed or get a new one!
I am on vacation this week (except Tuesday they needed me to come in). And so far it has been a working vacation. Luckily it is raining and I do not have to do the outside work that I was supposed to do. But now I get to do the inside. Carpet cleaning is on the top of the list, and cleaning Devin's room (he will be angry about that) and getting Felicia's room cleaned. It is also closet clean out time.
That's us in a nut shell, boring, I told you
Oh yea, one thing. In October will be having the stone and brick put on the house. And no this time WE are not doing it. MD actually agreed to hire this one out. Besides we got bids on just materials and for not much more we can have someone who does this for a living do it!
Love that.
Well until next time, thanks for stopping by.
See nothing controversial this time.