Friday, November 07, 2008

Whoot!! Its Friday!!!

It has been a very very busy week. With the construction on the house, wrestling season started, and at work many large projects have started up.
One of our clients is working on a large landfill expansion, and we are responsible for the hydrgeological part. The hearing is in January and it is unbelievable how much we have to prepare and coordinate before that happens. I normally do not have to be very involved with the technical parts of these projects (as my schooling is in Respiratory), but my boss has decided he wants to have me include throughout the entire process. Which in the big picture is good for me, but I also run the office which I still have to have time for. I am also involved in another clients internal 3rd party Due Diligence Audit and on this project I am fully involved and have many different tasks as we provide all information available to them on a secure Internet site (this client is all over the country). Then we have our daily work with groundwater sampling, leachate sampling, site maintenance and statistical reporting. I am the Project Assistant to 5 project managers, the president and managing director. I have been working on getting another assistant, but this seems to be a difficult process as I have to do the interviewing but I have not had the time to do this.
Oh, the babble can go on forever, I am just glad it FRIDAY!!!!!
Now the busy starts at home on the weekends. MD starts another home remodel this weekend. Someone wants a new bathroom. That means he is going to be gone on the weekends again. Back to single parenthood.
Oh, pooh got to get ready for work. Have a Wonderful Friday!

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Welcome To My Mess

We are underway!
Sorry the pictures are so dark, it is always dark now when I get home.

I had to leave early to try to get home while there was still light out. I really hate the time change. Why I ask why do we have to change the clocks back. I mean I get up in the dark and come home in the dark. Dark dark dark that is all I see.

Well enough about that, I want to talk about my house!!!! I absolutely love it. MD and I just stand out in the yard and stare. We can not believe that it is our house!

Excuse the mess in the garage, it is being used for storage for the contractors, as well as the drive way, the front porch, and the front yard.


Sunday, November 02, 2008


Girls night was great! There ended up being 8 of us that went. Girls night consists of friends, neighbors of all ages, single, married, mom, no kids. We just go out a do girley things. In the past we have went to the "Painted Zebra" (a pottery painting store), dinner (almost always), movies, clubs, putt putt golf, spa nights. Pretty much anything. We love trying out new restaurants, and last night was no exception.

We started off the night at Sherlock's. A new Steak and Seafood Restaurant close by. Since we were a larger party I did try to call information to get the number so I could make reservations. No luck the operator could not find their number. But we all figured that we were going early enough that we should be OK.

We arrived at the restaurant at 5:30, we did get seated right away and the manager/owner (not sure which) was very attentive, making jokes and placing our napkins in our laps. But that was pretty much where the service ended. We sat there for about 5 to 10 minutes before our server showed up, introduced herself, and said that she would be back in a few minutes to get our drink order. I asked her if we could get menus at least we would start looking at them.

Another 10 - 15 minutes later she finally came back and got our drink order. And it was another 15 minutes before we got our drinks. We were there about 45 minutes before she took our order. We hit the servers up for baskets of bread. Wow that bread was delish and we must have hit him up for 6 baskets of it. When we finally received our food (some of the orders were not correct) it was served to us by management. JB and I shared our meals. I got the porterhouse and she chose the scallops. And man oh man both were delish! VH had the sole and she said she enjoyed it very much. I am not sure what her daughter-in-law had but I do not think she liked it very much. AC had primavera post and enjoyed it. CD and SS had the chicken and were not impressed. SB had the Salmon thought it was good. VH and AC had a pina colada, VH said it had no taste and sent it back, the server still charged her for it and that did not make VH happy. Like I said we got there at 5:30 we did not walk out of the restaurant until 8:45.

Summary: If you want good food but do not care about service or how long it takes to get your food/service then you should go ahead and try Sherlock's. But if you like service do not go at all. Maybe we will wait a couple of months let them get their act together and try it again. I can tell you if it does happen again it would be the last visit we do.

We went to JBucks (a local bar/restaurant) to kill time before the movie. Their service there was great, though all we ordered was drinks, but still we were impressed.

The movie we went to this time was Nights in Rodanthe. You have to be into love stories and sad endings to have enjoyed this movie. While I did not think it was awful, I thought it was slow. And I am not a mushy movie kind of person. While half of us thought it was good the other half said slow and boring. We did not think Richard Gere and Diane Lane had good chemistry together. I thought the most touching part was the mother/daughter moment.
Summary: If you crave the romance/love story then you should enjoy this movie. I think it would be a good rental vs paying the $8.50 for entrance to this movie.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Getting Closer

We are getting closer to getting the front of the house done! Friday they delivered our brick, now we are waiting on the stone.
I do hope it comes Monday as the contractor has to start with the stone first before the brick. AND he leaves for Canada on Thursday. So that gives him 3 days ..... did you hear me....only 3 days to get the front of my house done.

All pray NO RAIN. I do not want to wait until he gets back from Canada to get may house done! I can not even get into my garage now. And we can barely fit two cars in the driveway, where we could fit more than 6.


We at the MD house had a VERY good Halloween, and here is hope you all out there did too.

We again got with neighbors played music and passed out candy. The kids all thought it was cool because they got a lot in one stop.

MD, RD, DS, and JM decided they needed to do a little tasting of the spirits while we passed out candy. Not me, learned my lesson last weekend.

Devin and Mikayla went out this year, I think it will be Devin's last. He has not really decided. He is 14 and was not even sure that he was going to go this year, but his friends went and we ungrounded him for the night.

The little kids were so cute this year!

This little girl was just standing there dancing to the music while her parent stood around talking. She was soooooooooooo cute.

After the Trick r Treats were done we went to another neighbor's house for a party. JY makes the best chocolate orange port. MD loves his pumpkin beer.

LY Is too cute, and fun.
Devin and Mikayla had fun on Rock Band. Devin played the guitar and Mikayla played the drums.

There were again some very creative costumes here. My costume this year you ask.... I went as Devin. I put on my baggiest pants (man I hate that feeling), put on one of Devin's longest shirts (to hide my undies), pulled my hair into my face an put a ball cap on. Poof .. Devin!

Tonight is dinner and a movie with the girls. Maybe even check out a new place called Jive and Whale (dueling piano bar). I have been told that it is a jazz bar, should be fun.