Saturday, December 27, 2008

Well here I sit again, trying to find something in this brain of mine to write about..... Nothing, I have absolutely nothing. Random images pop in, but nothing of interest there.
It is raining, very hard, and strong winds. They have tornado warnings on the news. Tornado's in very strange. What a weird winter we are having, the news states that we will dropping back down to 30 degrees. So that means all this wonderful rain will turn to ice! Yea, more cabin fever to come.
Did you ever get that Dejavo feeling, I get it all the time. The weird thing, sometimes if I sit and think about it hard enough I can sometimes figure out what will happen next. That is kind of creepy (I think), and makes me shudder every time it happens. I just had one of the Dejavo moments, sitting here typing this exact post. I wonder why, there is no rhyme or reason to these VERY familiar feelings and pictures in my head.
MD is gone on another job bid. I very much dislike him away from me epically with the weather the way it is. I sit on pins and needles until he calls to say he in his way home, and then still until I hear the garage door go up. He is always telling me I am a worrier. I guess I worry about him more than I should.
And I cannot believe that I am about to say what I am.
Many years ago I went to a party where each of had our fortunes told. I know this is supposed to be for fun, nothing supposedly concrete. Every one was coming out with all the "fun" information they were told... getting married, new house, new job, etc. So I thought okay this will be fun.
My turn came, the lady started with some kind of prayer, then started talking and writing (for me to save), the first words she said was that I had two children (wrong) then stopped and corrected herself stating that I had two from my husband and one from a previous relationship (okay that was creepy and right). She went on to say I was healthy and saw no problems with my health (I already knew this). That she saw me getting a dog (funny as MD was dead set against this, but 5 years later we got a dog).
Then she went on to talk about MD. I immediately got anxious, she said that we were very happy and saw that he loved me deeply. But (I hate buts) I would need to be strong, strong for my kids as MD and I would not grow old together. She described his vehicle to perfection, at that time he drove a van for work (and she and MD both called it a truck). I immediately stiffened, this was getting creepier and weirder. I was not sure that I wanted her to continue, why was she telling me these kind of things. I thought that fortune tellers were not to tell of bad things yet here she was telling me those very things! She went on to say that I needed to watch out for a "Bob" as this person was not safe for MD. She said that the children would be young and that I would have to be strong for them. I just wanted her to stop, I wanted no more information I wanted to run. I stayed and listened, burning everything she said into my head.
She them went on a change of course (this I was glad for), she said that I had a coworker that would be getting married that October and that we would attend his wedding (right again).
Then she went back to the previous topic, why was she intended to dig it in deeper? She said that I would find love again (ugh back to that, I did not want to go here) and that I would be happy again. I would be sad for a long time and that this person was good for me. He would love my kids (oh, and she said that I would have no more children, that was okay by me). This was the person whom I was to grow old with. She went on about other things that at this moment I cannot remember. I do not dare look at the paper she gave me, I have it stashed in a book in my closet. I thought I would change the subject of MD and asked about my parents, mistake number two. She said that I should spend as much time as I could with them, that they would be getting sick (just now I remembered she was right again) at that point I dared not asking her any other questions about any other family members for fear of what else she would say to me.
I left her as fast as I could, practically running up the stairs. I went to my friend that had the party explained what was said. She freaked, no one else was told any kind of information near what I received. Why would this woman just tell me of unfortunate things in my future and not anyone else? I have since thought of seeing another fortune teller, but obviously I do not want a repeat of what she told me. MD is still with me and nothing has ever gone wrong. I keep telling myself that she was wrong,hard to do with all the things she WAS right about and keeps being right about.
Okay so much for not have anything to say...funny how weird memories just pop in my head, and you have to drudge through. See where my mind goes when MD is gone. Ugh silly little me!

Friday, December 26, 2008

The Day after Christmas

I have started reading yet another book, the Host (thanks for the suggestion). My Eldest got it for me for Christmas. But she first sent me to read the unpublished version that the author put on her website called "Midnight Sun". It is Twilight from Edward's view. Even knowing exactly what happens I was once again drawn in. It is approximately 260 some pages. I hope that she will eventually finish the book and publish it in entirety.

Who I feel sorry for is all the young men out there. Any young lady that reads this will be searching for their "Edward" and this makes it hard or the young men out there. Constantly being compared to this fictional character.
I am also reading Duma Key by Steven King. I know, I know, two very different types of reading. It is what I know and am use to, old habits die hard.

I absolutely love the day after Christmas. Company is gone and the house is once again quite and peaceful. The kids are still entangled with their gifts so there are no arguments. And I am on vacation for the rest of the year.

MD and I plan on go to the casino during the week to get away. I secretly thinks he wants to get my face out of the books. Then he has a healthy honey do list for me. No rest for the wicked as they say. At least the girl's bathroom will get redone. MD has had ants in pants walking around here "board" I now can cross off my stairs and new lights in the kitchen off our "To Do List". We replaced all the wood balusters with wrought iron and in the kitchen we replace the old (I s old loosely as we have only lived on our house for 5ears) light fixtures with new pendent lights. As soon as I mull through all the pictures, I will get them posted.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas One and All

I know I have been gone...again, sorry!

I have disappeared into the world of reading. Imagine, me reading. Over Thanksgiving my Eldest brought home Twilight, I had it done in two days. Of course she did not bring the rest of the series thinking I would never get done with the first so quickly. So she brought them home for Christmas break. MD was a bit upset with me due to the fact that I have doing nothing but working and reading for the last 7 days. I just finished the 4th book this morning. He was elated. I think he felt neglected or ignored. He can be such a baby some is so cute.

Now I will have to say that the Twilight series has be yearning for more, I am on the hunt for more to read. Any suggestions. Eldest thinks it is funny as I have not had this reaction with any of the other books she gets into. Harry Potter could not hold my interest, it seemed that the only types of book that held me were scary books. I think I own EVERY book Steven King has written, and a couple from Dean Kunz. But I fear should I get so inthralled with another book as I have these last 4 MD will go to feeling left out.
He is so cute when he is jealous.
Oops need to get dinner ready!

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Long Time Seperated

I know it has been a while since I have been here, sorry. Quite a bit has been going on and some of it I just did not and still do not know how to express. Quick list of happenings:

1. We got the front of the house done and its beautiful (at least in my eyes).

2. My dad had to go in the hospital for what turned out to be a double aneurysm. He is better now. This was the hardest things I had happen lately to try to express my feelings on. Still not sure if I can. That is pretty much why the absence. That and my mom went off the deep end while he was in the hospital, and there was nothing I could do to help as they are in Florida for the winter.

I am a control freak (at least that is what everyone else will tell you about me) and with my parents so far away there is nothing I can control. No situation I can fix. I was helpless in the fact that I could not do anything but wait for phone calls. Yes, I could have flown down there, but as MD and I pretty much depleted any "slush" fund we had with the house and paying off ALL the credit cards, I was strapped for cash. I could have taken it from the "Christmas" fund, but then Christmas would be no fun for the kids this year. So I sat here is Missouri and did nothing but worry. I know this was hard on my parents but it was also hard on me. To those who know me know that I just cannot just sit and do nothing about something.

2. One of my closest friends is scheduled to get a pace maker. She is sooo young, and it is scary. She is a trooper though. You would never know that she is worried at all about what she is going to go through. Just every now and then you see the worry in her eyes, I do not think she even knows you can see it. She does try so hard to hide it. I pray (which I do not do often) that all goes well with her.

3. Another of our friends got a full hip replacement. (they say it comes in threes so this better be it). He did fabulously and came home rather quickly. Surgery was this past Tuesday and he came home Friday. MD went to the hospital to visit with him. MD was amazed at how well he looked, and the how they did the hip replacement. I am waiting a couple of days before I go over and pester him. I really want to see his wife to help her out.

4. Work is just crazy busy. (I guess I should be glad I still have a job). Our company is so busy that we have hired 1 guy back temporarily that left this past summer and we subcontracted another fella that use to work for us that is with another company. I am glad we are so busy, as it is good for the company. But I could really do without the 50 hour work weeks as I am sure the rest of the project people are tired of all the traveling and working crazy hours. Usually December is our slower month as with the holidays, the crazy cold (which sucks to work in), and everyone trying to use up vacation time before they loose it. December is usually my catch up month, not this year.

5. Then there was Thanksgiving, and now Christmas is coming. Ugh I really do not like holidays. I am a total Grinch these past couple of years. It was nice to see family that we do not see very often. It is just when there is a lot of commotion, loud noise, etc. I get edgy. I get this from my father, and Devin is the same way. Devin got to hide in his room with his cousin, I mostly hid in the kitchen cleaning up. Did I forget to mention that Thanksgiving was once again at my house? It was, again, and probably will be again next year. we did not get to see MD's sister this year, with her boys also in college and working they would not have been able to come and she wanted to be with them over the holidays. Totally understand that as that was MD's reason for not wanting to go to Georgia to see them. Eldest was only home for 5 days. He misses her. It is cute.

6. I am missing my eldest more lately for reasons I am not sure of. And I look forward to getting to see her over Christmas break (even though she is only going to be home less than two weeks). And that is all I have to say about that.

There I think I covered most of it.

Mikayla and I have seen the movie Twilight. I had not yet read any of the books before I saw the movie. That could be why I like the movie so much. No preconceived ideas. Felicia has all the books and read them all but she keeps them with her at school. Mikayla has read the first book I think, not sure of the others. Anyway, we went and saw the movie. I was not expecting much, but I actually liked it. Normally I do not like gushy love stories. but this was different. I think it was more about the "hunt" and commitment. I liked it enough that I had Felicia bring me home the first book of which I had read cover to cover in two - three days. Now I am waiting for her to bring home the rest so I can read those. The books are a very easy read and (too me at least) they drag you into the story and do not let you go. You do not want to stop ready, you seem to want to know more. Those kind of books I like.
Mikayla's favorite character is Jasper, not Edward as every other teenager it seems. Her favorite scene is when they play baseball. We will be going again this evening to see the movie again. Felicia thought the movie was fabulous.