Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Happy New Year

Hope everyone had a wonderful New Years. We shared ours with friends and of course food. I go a little crazy when get to cook for a large group of people. My family are picky eaters so when I get to cook I cook a lot. We had so much food we did a pot luck with more friends on New Years Day.

MD had a Texas Hold'em tournament going with the guys (this game is quite boring to me) and the rest of us hovered in the kitchen. It was nice to sit with friends and neighbors just shooting the breeze. Felicia had friends come too which it was nice too see them before they all headed back to school.

Nothing says "OLD" like drinking coffee instead of alchol at midnight! We are a geezor old bunch! We did not even realize that it was midnight until we heard the fireworks outside. I immediately ran to MD to get my "first kiss" of the new year. Everyone says we act like teenagers. I am just happy that we still do!

Happy and Prosperous 2009!

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Huse Yo Mama said...

Good to see you back! Happy New Year!