Friday, January 30, 2009

I am a Gluten for punishment

Well I have proved it so there is no doubt about it. I am a gluten for punishment. DH (a coworker)and I were discussing psychics (do not know how we got on that one). And I had said how I had gone to one before (you know the rest of that story). She said that she really wanted to go as she has never been to one. She wanted to see what it would be like. I explained that I did not have that much fun when I had gone.

We did a google search for someone in our area and found one. We called and made an appointment. We did not need to leave our names (which I thought was different). This was last Thursday and our visit was scheduled for the that very Friday. So I thought I would dredge up the paper I still have from the last visit I had, and to my surprise we just made an appointment with the very same lady I saw 8 years ago. I instantly felt creepy, shivers ran down my back. I thought to myself that I was just being silly and pushed the feeling away.

So Friday came and we went during our lunch break. Ms. Fay suggested that we go together. She said it would be fun. DH took the rolling chair which left me the big comfy chair. Ms. Fay stated that I would be first since I sat in the reading chair (just my luck). She started off telling me how many kids I had and what kind of work I did and yes she of course got it all right. She even stated that she was confused about the kids. Something about their dad....that all three were not his.....that only two were his. There went the shivers again. Yes she got it right again. Then She said exactly what she said 8 years ago......"Your love life....(she got a strange look on her face at this point) ..your husband loves you very much. You have a good marriage. You will not be married and grow old together as you planned." Can you believe she said that ... AGAIN!

DH started to cry at this point. Ms. Fay went on to say "Your husband is going to die." Unlike 8 years ago when she said while the children were young she said..."He will die within the next 4 years." I could not look away from her at this point, and I had no idea what DH was doing next to me. I just know she was playing with tissues still. I kept rubbing my fists together underneath my coat, they were sweating, I was trying to keep my face from telling anything. Probably not succeeding as that was not an easy task to do.

She went on about other things such as I should play any game of chance in May. This would be a very lucky month for me. She also said that she sees me in Florida in May/June. We have no plans for a vacation this year. She went on about my truck. Actually she was very push about this, she said she sees the truck with MD, I said no I drove the truck. She had a "tone" in her voice stating that this was MD's truck. I again said no this was my truck and that I drove it. She again said with that tone in her voice... I see this truck with MD, this truck means quite a bit to him. Though I may drive it this IS MD's TRUCK. I quit arguing she was/is right. That thing is MD's baby.

Then she went back to him dying, telling me to get our finances in order and make sure our/his insurance is up to date. I about fell out of myself at that point. She went on to tell me I will marry again, though I currently could not see myself married to anyone but MD. She went on asking me about who this person was and that person was, I had no idea who these people were. Of course She asked me about some of these people, men in particular, before. Then she said there will be a friend to help me though my time of need when MD goes. I said OK....she then said M.. Mich.... Michelle.......Michelle.....Shelly. She was a neighbor and that she sees her speaking with someone across the street. She said that we had a close knit street, that we all socialize together (Ugh right again). I said that I did have a neighbor named Michelle and that I called her Shelly. We are not "Friends" but we are neighbors. She said no that she will be a good friend and she will be there for me when I need her.

It seemd like forever before she decided to be done with me, she kept going back to discuss MD with me. I really did not like that, as if she was trying to make me believe her. She also said that I would be back to see her......I think NOT.

Next came DH. Nothing as depressing as mine. She had a very neutral reading. DH said I took all the energy and there was none left for her. I told her she should have gone first.


madhousemama said...

Very very scary!! I hope and pray shes wrong!!

Ethan said...

Completely off-topic, MD, but...

You're a "composite protein" for punishment?

Or do you mean "glutton"? :) Sorry. You know I can't turn off the writer.

Back on topic... I totally believe in the supernatural, but I'm not so sure I would put a lot of faith in psychics. (I do, however, put a lot of faith in physics!) I think she totally kept notes on what she told you the last session and just updated the time frames.

Of course... if you want to play her at her own game, then you just "gamble" in May on MD NOT dying (which happens to also be in May, which is four months away) Since she said you were going to win a game of chance then, she has to be wrong one way or the other!

See? She's a fraud.

Back off topic... after reading your blog and then looking at a new blank word doc, I see all kinds of dark lines running across the screen. That's creepy.