Saturday, January 31, 2009

MD went and did it again

I know I have not been here much, I have neglected you and for that I am sorry. I have no excuses I tend to turn into the Grinch over the holidays. At least that is how MD describes me. He said it has only been like that the last 3 years or so. I have no explanation for him when he questions me on this.
I do know that I am so looking forward to warmer weather, I do not like hibernating, MD gets antsy and I can not seem to keep him down for long.

Which of course lets me tell you of the two different projects MD took on after Thanksgiving and before Christmas. First was taking all the wood spindles out of our stair case and then replacing them with wrought iron spindles.

This is something off our "to do list". MD was bored and since he did not have any projects going on he decided that he would make one of his own. It took him 3 days from start to finish. But of course I got cleaning duties. I Love them.

Md said the next thing to do to the stairs is get rid of the carpet. But that will require repairing some of the stairs and then putting wood down on the landing. So for that we need MORE money so it will wait.

His second project was not on our "to do list". This was something he decided to do on a whim. It was my fault I believe. We were in the kitchen discussing I do not know what (I think it was appliances or counters) and in passing I mentioned how I really never like the lights that I picked out. He jokingly asked "then why did you pick them". My reply was easy they were the only things in the store I did like and the lighting guy would not let me get just the light that I did want. He said I had to purchase a fixture for ever light in the house (now of course I do know VERY much better). MD decided then and there we were going to Lowe's and pick out new lights.

Then when he finished the island lights he decided that they did not match the light fixture over the table, went back to Lowe's and purchased more lights. Now I have all new lighting in the Kitchen. I like them too but I think I need to learn to keep my mouth shut about what I do and DO NOT like in the house.

He was antsy again today and repainted the wall around the fireplace. If he does not get to work tomorrow I am afraid that he will repaint the whole family room and just start remodeling now instead of later this year like we were planning. UGH Men.

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