Sunday, February 22, 2009

A Morning of Quiet

It is very quiet here at the MD house this morning! All 6 girls still are sleeping (who knows what time they finally fell asleep) and Devin is still sleeping. MD is off to work in someone's bathroom and I sit here on the couch writing to you.
The girls were very noise until I threatened to wake them when MD got up (6 am). They finally got to a noise level that we could sleep through around 12:30 - 1 am. Or I should say that MD could sleep through. He woke me several times to tell them to quiet down. Ugh why can men not do this?
Then we find out this morning that Mr. Devin snuck out last night. And who knows what time he got home (I plan on getting him up soon and suffer). We found his coat and shoes by the basement door. Dope, like we would not notice. Then I went in his room and you could smell the fire smell on his clothes. Wonder if we will be getting another visit from the sheriffs department. We will definitely be grilling him on that when he awakes.
MD and I have decided that we will be putting the alarm back on the noisy setting. That is going to be a nuisance every time the door opens ... beep beep beep. But what are you to do? MD said that putting him through the wall will only damage the wall not do anything to straighten him out.
But at least for now I get to relax.


Laggin said...

Ok, so I'm happy I only have girls?

utmomof 5 said...

Glad to hear at some point the girls went to sleep! You are making me stress about have a teenage boy. Hope you get the answers you need from your son.