Saturday, February 21, 2009

Saturday Adventures

It is Saturday, another week here and gone. I will have to say it was an interesting week. Well maybe not interesting, but definitely not boring.

1. Tuesday My sister was nagging me into making a Facebook account. So I finally broke down and did. And Wednesday when I checked it I had people I have not seen in 20 plus years leaving me notes, and wanting to be "my friend". One in particular, a boy I use to babysit when I was in 7th grade (mind you I graduated high school in 1984 so that was a VERY long time ago) put a note on my board. "The best babysitter ever" It amazed me that he remembered me much less my name! He remembered things I did with them and meals I made for them. I do not have pictures on this page (as I am always the one behind the camera) so I could not believe that he remembered me.

2. Had to roam around a Landfill in Illinois Friday appraising broken wells that needed fixing, and rummaging through the Environmental Manager's office deciding how to update his files. This was actually not to bad as it got me out of the office. I just am not looking forward to the hour drive back and fourth for at least three days to the site when I have to amend their filing system. Brian has more faith in my abilities than I do.

3. Wednesday I had a visit from a police officer at 7 am wanting to discuss my son. Joy Joy Happy Happy. MD and I knew eventually this would happen with the crowd he hangs out with. As it turned out I had to come home early that day so the officer could interview Devin. That was not a fun afternoon, I am hoping with every part of my being that he has/is learning a lesson. A asked the officer to give him a "what for" lecture. And he did not disappoint. I hope it did not fall on deaf ears. Time will only tell.

4. Today Mikayla and I are going shopping for her birthday slumber party tonight. MD and I are dreading this, 5 13 year olds spending the night. The squeals, giggles, and all night laughing. I think we are going to ask her to camp out in Felicia's room as Mikayla's room is right next to ours.

5. MD had to go out of town Monday. Sleeping without him does not go well, dreams, getting to sleep, tossing and turning. Oh and not to mention the fact I had to deal with the Devin thing on my own. He finally came home Wednesday evening, then we had a good night sleep.

My week in a nutshell.

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utmomof 5 said...

My hubs was gone this week too, no sleeping here either. Sorry about your son, I bet the officer did a good job with the "lecture". Oh and most of all good luck with the slumber party -- you are going to need it!!