Sunday, February 15, 2009

What is the Best Road Trip You Have Ever Been On?

With the kids still asleep, MD gone to work, I have been surfing the blogger world. Also this helps in avoiding the dreaded tax preparation. I fell upon a blog that asked about "The Best Road Trip you have ever been on?"
Since I became a responsible married person we have never really spontaneously just jumped in the car and took off for a weekend trip. When the kids were young, there was too much baggage one has to take to care for the little ones. Once the kids were old enough to just jump in the car and go, THEIR social calendars made it so that we were always running them around. So again no spontaneous get aways.
So my answer to this little question would have to be from my late teens, early twenty days. My fondest memory of a road trip was with one my many roommates (the only female I could stand living with) Jennifer. I met her though one of my male friends, Jon who is by the way now my cousin by marriage. Jennifer was from Indiana and how she ended up in St. Louis I do not remember. But she was the best roommate ever (as far as female roommates went). She was a lot like me, mostly male friends, liked sports and outdoor activities. She disliked shopping as much as I did, and dressing up and makeup were something we made fun of often. We also respected each others space, we could sit in the same room watching TV or reading with no need to fill quietness in with needless conversation. She made having a roommate easy, when she was short I covered her and when I was short she covered me.
Oops I did it again, see how easily I get sidetracked...
Anyway, one Friday evening we were sitting around with nothing to do. We really did not want to go to a club (we both did not like the noise and did not want to deal with guys hitting on us), or just "hang out" at any of the local spots. So we just decided that we would get in the car and drive, before we knew it we were on our way to Indianapolis. The ride was nice, it was dark out and cool enough to have the windows down. not too hot nor too cold as in the three bears it was perfect.
Once we got to Indianapolis (a place I had never been) we just drove around the city. We noticed that 7-Up was having a convention at one of the local hotels. So we decided to check it out. We visited, played games, and mingled. I guess we stayed there for about 3 or 4 hours and then headed back home.
Though it does not sound like much, that is one of my "fun" memories. Jennifer and I ended up going on several spontaneous little night or weekend trips throughout out stay together. Sometimes other friends went with us, they were always relaxed and enjoyable. I believe they come back as such fond thoughts because they were not planned, not rushed, just go by the seat of your pants kind of trips. That way you could not be disappointed by missing something planned.
What is your best road trip memories? I would love tp hear them.

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Felicia said...

Carrie and I have thus decided we shall being doing this as soon as it gets warmer and bills get paid!