Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Another Day In The Life

Well I have searched everywhere for somewhere that Devin could do community service. And due to his age I am finding it very difficult. No one will allow him to do anything unless I am present. Of course that defeats my purpose of finding him something to do while I am at work. It feels like I have small children again and looking for childcare. Nothing like banging your head continuously against a brick wall.

Lucky for me, there is a working farm just up the street (yes a little county in the middle of the burbs) and I stopped by last Friday to discuss the possibility of Devin helping out there during the week. The owners are extremely patient and friendly. Devin has spent a lot of time there helping out over the last couple of summers. Ms Farmer (of course not their names) seemed very interested in helping and thought it would be a great idea. Mr. Farmer wanted to discuss it with the Ms first. I was hoping it would go in our favor, as I am out of options.

Ms. Farmer called today while I was at work, Devin spoke with her. He let me know that she will be calling back this evening, but she did agree that Devin could help out when she was home. She has taken a job outside of the farm a couple days a week.

SO YEA! We have an activity to keep him busy.

He is currently working on homework, not willingly I might add, but he is doing it. He will be going to a wrestling school starting next week. I am sure he will be grumpy but he needs to start putting energy into something besides trouble. Besides he wrestled for two years and was pretty good at it. And I have been told over and over again that with as light as he is (5' 5" and 102 lbs) is will be a hot commodity. So off he goes. Pray for me as he will make my life miserable if he really does not like it.

But it is what I say to do now or he will end up behind bars later.


Laggin said...

Stick with it. You KNOW you're doing the right thing.

utmomof 5 said...

Stick to you guns with him!! You will be the bad guy right now but in the long run that is what he needs!

I love the idea of working on a farm. That is some serious hard work!