Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Next Big Internet Fad

So it seems that the new thing on the Internet is FaceBook. My kids were all into the myspace thing as well as my sister and father. Everyone was telling me I needed a MySpace account. I never fell for it. I never saw any reason for it. Anyone I really wanted to speak with is either here in my blog world, or lives close enough to be that I can either speak with them face to face or gee maybe a phone call.

But now my sister calls me and tells me that an old high school friend of mine is "looking" for me. I asked her how she knew this, of course her answer was "she got a hold of her through FaceBook".

With her continuous prodding I reluctantly signed on to FaceBook. Within a 24 hour period I had bunches of people requesting to be "My Friend". Some of them I of course went a head and agreed to, as they really were my friends in high school. I chatted with some the normal "what have you been doing" conversations. Surprised at how close some actually lived to me and I never run into anywhere.
Others wanting to be my friend, I have no idea who they are ....... I mean really I had a graduating class of over 700. There is no way I would know the entire graduating class. Some of these people asking to be my friend graduated 2 years after me. How do they even know who I am other than the fact that they new my sister.
I was not a popular person in high school. I pretty much kept to myself and the small circle of friends I hung out with. I was barely even in school my senior year as I was part of the Business Education Work Program. So really, just because I graduated a particular year does that really mean we should NOW be friends. Especially when in reality you would have not have given me the time of day in school?

Really people is there a contest to see how many people you have signed on as your friend? I even have my DAUGHTER'S FRIENDS asking to be my friends. Of course I accept them to keep tabs on what is up in here circle. (sneaky mom act).

In the end I did find several good friends that I did loose touch with, which was nice, and hopefully I will not need FaceBook to keep in touch with them in the future.
But it is getting out of control with "Wants to be Friends" stuff. If you did not want to be friends with me back in school then why be friends with me now?


Laggin said...

I'll friend you! But will you accept?

mdx3mom said...

Totally every time!