Wednesday, March 04, 2009

A Night Out

MD and I (and Felicia in tow) went out to a friends wedding. MD and I used it as an excuse to get out since we rarely get our date nights anymore. I was playing photographer, Felicia relieved me so I could eat and take a breather at times. We had a lot of fun, until Devin and Mikayla kept calling. Arguing with me and each other over the phone. Ugh, here we go again. I settled them down and said that we would be home in a bit and then we enjoyed the rest of our time out.

Since Felicia was helping take pictures I ended up in front of the camera, which is very rare.

Felicia did take some wonderful pictures that I used in the Wedding Album.

Felicia caught MD and I on the dance floor. We rarely get to dance together anymore. When we try to dance or even hug at home the dogs go nuts and do not allow it. Little buggers!

Tom, Jeff, MD, and Jim.

Vicky, me, Michelle, Alicia

Toward the end of the evening Michelle and MD got into a camera war. To spare everyone the immaturity of MD and our friends I have not posted THOSE pictures.

I will say that Michelle was calling MD names every time she clicked the camera. He refused to cooperate with her. She must have taken 20 pictures of MD and myself trying to get a "good" picture of us.
When will she learn, MD cooperates with no one. But the bantering between them was very entertaining.
It is a VERY good thing we enjoyed ourselves Satuday night as Devin brought trouble to us once again Monday morning (4 am) with another visit from the police department. Thanks for that Dev.
One step closer to military school.

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utmomof 5 said...

Those are some fun pictures of you two!! Love the one on the dance floor :) Very romantic!!

Sorry about your son -- I hope you guys firgure out something soon!