Saturday, March 28, 2009

Old Man Winter's Last HU-Rah

They are calling for SNOW!
Really it is March already. The weather people have not really got a handle of how much if any we will really get. Felicia mentioned last night that weather reports are calling for 6 to 12 inches where she is (3 1/2 hours from home). It is just raining now at 38 degrees. Cold and wet yuk.

A perfect day for reading and baking! I am now reading The Last Lecture. So far very good, very enjoyable, and all together a good read.

In addition to that Vicky and I are going to attempt to make some cupcake bites (Thanks Pioneer Woman for posting this recipe) for the wine party we are going to tonight. And yes I will be taking pictures of our progress and make you suffer through it later. Sorry it is just something I have to do. This should be an experience not soon forgotten.

And as I mentioned we are going to a neighbors for the "Kirk's Annual Wine Tasting Party" the theme this year is All American. We are to wear colors of red, white, and blue, and a bottle of American wine for the tasting. Last year was sooo much fun, but I have been informed that MD and I may have left a bit early as it got kind of crazy after we left. Hum ..... maybe that was a good thing we left early as after all these ARE my neighbors. I still have to look these people in the eyes day after day. I do not think in all good conscious I could do that after behaving poorly in front of them.

In the end I am sure we (as usual) will have a wonderful time, eat amazing food (Pat is an amazing cook) and taste many types of wine.

I am especially looking forward the Jim's (another neighbor) homemade Chocolate Cherry Port! Last year he brought Chocolate Orange Port and it was ... mouthwatering, amazing, delicious, made for the GODS good.

Tim of course makes beer and wine at his home. He has grapes growing in his back yard. MD has gone to his home for tastings and come back snookered! Just from tasting, too funny, he must be a light weight. MD will argue against such a comment and blame it on the strength of the beer. But he admits they are really good and easy going down, never know your getting snookered until you are trying to get home, luckily we live in close walking distance.

So all I have to say to old man winter is .... Bring it on, best you got. I am ready for you and will have a pleasurable weekend regardless what you throw at us.

P.S. Devin has had a very well behaved yesterday and so far today. Helping around the house, no arguing (helps Mikayla was gone), and made good choices when friends kept trying to get him to come out (know he was grounded of course). Therefore he earns a TV back.


utmomof 5 said...

While I am not a wine drinker that sounds like a fun night!! Hope you have a good time and don't get too snookered :)

Enjoy the book and the baking and the snow!

Laggin said...

Have a great time. I made Car-man take Younger to her VB tournament which is over an hour from home. I refuse to drive on ice due to an accident a couple of years ago. So I'm sitting home cleaning, catching up on laundry, baking cookies (which is unicorn rare) and shuttling Eldest to volunteer hours for school. Should be a nice day. Hope mother nature is nice to you.