Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Really, When is Enough, Enough

Okay, so Devin did something VERY stupid. Got in trouble from the police for it and that in its self I believe is enough. The officer did not go easy on him, this was at my request. His face was pure terror! Which is just what I wanted. Hoping that he will learn from THIS mistake.

(this is not Devin, but is about how he felt)

Then the high school found out about it and suspended him for 10 days. Okay so they have their rules about misbehaving on school property I get that. But then I go and pick up Devin from his meeting with the home bound teacher and she informed that the superintendent will more than likely extend his suspension another 30 days.

Yes I said THIRTY.

Does this really make sense to keep punishing him for something he is already paying for. In reality he could have denied the whole incident and would have never gotten in trouble. But (not that I am defending him in any way, he does deserve to be in trouble) he bucked up, confessed to the crime, and he is/will do his time. But enough is enough already. Really how is this going to help him being out of school for 40 days!

For a school system that keeps pimping the story "no child left behind" and "that kids are their main priority" this seems a bit too much. He already has issues trying to stay on task. Not that his ADHD is the only reason for his distraction. He is very bored in traditional classes, but MD and I can not affofd an alternative school for him.

Yes, if he possessed a danger to teachers or other students (which he is not) I could get the extreme expulsion. but for someone who rarely (until this year) ever got in trouble, never gets into fights, has never disrespected an adult authority.

I don't know, maybe I am over reacting because it is happening to MY CHILD. But I keep finding it harder and harder to keep him interested in school. He does not mind not having to get up at 5:30 in the morning, going out in the cold or wet, sitting in a "boring" class, only then to come home to me bugging him about homework. But really, would you want to go back to school when they make it so easy to not be in. Because of his IEP they have to provide a home bound teacher 1 hour for every day of suspension. He managed to get most of his work completed with her in the 5 hours spent with her this afternoon. So now it seems he is down to a 5 hour a week (with maybe another 2 of homework) for school.

All I can do now is just shake my head. PLUS they loose money from him not attending. This is strange to me as this Superintendent is always crying poor, they need more money. Well he is throwing out the window as far as I am concerned as my son sits at home.

And before anyone gets their panties in a twist, yes I am making him do more reading, and enforcing rules not normally enforced while he was in school. Still has to go to bed the same time and I get him up with me in the morning. But this is still a vacation for him as much I may try to make it not. But one does have to work.
I guess that I will have to find a way to afford the military school near us (2 hours) so that someone will get his attention.
AARRRR it all I have let to say.

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utmomof 5 said...

Okay I don't know all the details of what he did (obviously!!) but I am with you on missing 40 days of school! How is that going to help? If he is not a danger to other students or teachers than why? I just don't understand that at all!

Good for you to make sure this is not a vacation for him! There has got to be a hole that needs to be dug somewhere right? :) I have an entire yard that needs lanscaping if you want to send him to my house for some ditch digging :)

On a totally unrealated note, I love your music!! I usually have my computer muted so I don't hear it! :)