Thursday, March 26, 2009

A reason but not an Excuse

Devin had his conference with the psychologist and it went much the same as this morning but slightly better. He answered her questions in a volume that she could at least hear and was not as rude as he was this morning. This bothered me because really Devin has never behaved this way outside of the house. I am unfortunately use to his manner at home but never ever had it gone to this extreme and never with people of authority.

All day he had been trying to sleep, I would wake him up and he goes right back to sleep. Even after we arrived back home this afternoon he went to bed and slept till 8pm. MD and I were quite bothered over this and tried to come up with reasons for his behavior or at least understand why. Just then I got into a cabinet in the kitchen where we keep his medication, I noticed then that his sleeping pills were up front. It hit me then he took the wrong medication this morning. No wonder all he wanted to do was sleep. Now this is really no excuse for his rudeness, but it does explain quite a lot.

This makes me feel a bit better and will be discussing with Devin about another meeting with his PO so she can see what he is like awake, truly awake and not fighting off sleep. We shall see what the cards hold for his future now.


Anonymous said...

All of the meds could really be messing with him also. Combinations of different meds, certain meds all together. Anti depressants/sleeping pills/adhd does not make a good to drs and see if you can try no meds. Sometimes they do more harm than good. Also look into natural supplements and dietary sounds stupid but they can really make a's not like you have anything to lose at this point.

mdx3mom said...


I have actually done the dietary route as well as natural supplements. But if you have ever had a child in school (not sure since I do not know who you are) you would know that attempting to cut surgars and such are impossible. I have given direction before that my children are to receive no "sweets" and I would make their lunches so I would know exactly what they were eating during the day. I also sent their "snacks" and still they would come home having candy and such for "classroom or work prizes". The schools say they want to help you but NEVER follow through with it. I went as far as getting a doctors note for Devin to goes to the nurse or whomever twice a day for a snack that I provided. They did not/would not follow the schedule and rarely gave him these snacks. But were quick to complain when he was unattentive or distruptive in class because he could nto sit still.