Sunday, March 08, 2009

Today is Sunday - The Day for Rest.

I finally received a full 8 hours of sleep. Ye Haw! No getting up in the middle of the night to phone calls from police, no hearing bumps in the night to find Devin gone and then getting in the car to search for him. Just sleep and no dreams I could remember. I actually woke up confused, not sure what time it was or day of the week it was. That is just an odd feeling.
The past couple of months have brought first wild dreams, the type of dreams that seem to stick with you after you wake up. Not nightmares, but really odd head scratching dreams. Then with finding out that Devin was starting to sneak out at night, me dreams became edgier, and I began sleeping lighter. Bumps in the house (that never woke me before) would make my eyes fly open and my ears perk up. Sometimes I do not bother getting up, others, well you know when you just get one of them feelings, I get up and wonder around the house. Sometimes it ended up being nothing, just the cat jumping off something.
This last Friday we had friends over (so we could keep eyes on Devin) to play domino's and cards. When they left we all headed for bed. I have been lately waiting for some time to fall asleep so I can make sure that Devin in asleep or very near it. This time I was so tired I just went to bed. With the weather being as beautiful as it was we had the windows open. 2o minutes after we went to bed something woke me, I still have no idea what woke me. I got up checking on Felicia (Mikayla was at a sleep over elsewhere) and was was out like a light with the puppies. I went to Devin's room, at first glance he was in his bed. But something did not feel right, still can not explain why I felt it.
I snuck into his room and approached his bed. Realizing the closer I got to his bed the less it looked like him in the bed. I placed my hand on the "lump" in his bed. Too soft, I pressed harder. BLANKETS! I ripped the covers down, he was not there. I bolted downstairs and out the basement door. I stood in the quiet back yard (in my sleep shirt no less) listening trying to hear something out of place. Nothing, I bolted back in going to the phone dialing one of his friends that he has a habit of sneaking out with..... no answer. I hand up and call again, I keep repeating this several times. Hoping to finally get an answer on the other end, without ever getting one.
I then went upstairs to look through his bed, finding a phone buried under blankets. I turn the phone on and hit redial. An answer FINALLY! His friend up the next street answered, of course stating that Devin was not there. At that point I woke up MD telling him Devin was gone. He was fussy at me that I did not wake him sooner. We got dressed and started driving around.
We started driving through the school parking lot (it is in our subdivision) no sign of Devin. Next we headed to the boy's house that I tried calling and never got an answer. We did a "stake out" further down the street, hoping that we would see Devin and/or the other boy coming or going. We sat for awhile without seeing anything.
We then decided to check out the house of the boy who did answer the phone. We came back to our subdivision deciding to drive by our house first (again just one of those feelings no particular reason why). I noticed that the 3rd car garage door was lifted about 4 inches from the ground. I told MD and he pulled in the drive. I said that I had locked the basement door and he had no other choice of entry into the house.
I ran in and went straight to his room, no Devin. I went to Felicia's room (she was sleeping in Mikayla's room) and at first could not see him in there. Again something told me to turn on the light, so I did. There he was on the floor up against her bed, pretending to be sleeping. I kicked his legs and told him to not play me. He lay unmoved so I kicked his feet again telling him I knew he was awake and that he was out and quite playing me for stupid. At this point he opened his eyes and got up to go to his room. I was torn, I do not know what else at this point to do with him. He has no regard for our rules much less anyone else's rules.
I was very proud of MD as his normal response is to scream and yell (I lately have joined in these responses) but he just kept even level tones. Not even sounding mad. We must have spoke with Devin for another hour.
MD and I also have learned to turn on the house alarm at night (du!) so that it will wake us if a window or door opens.
So today I did nothing (with the exception of laundry) but lay on the couch watching TV reading blogs and cat napping. Catching up on sleep I have been missing. I wonder if I will be able to sleep tonight.


Laggin said...

Oy. Sorry. You are having a time of it, aren't you.

BTW, I'm going to be in St. L tomorrow!

Laggin said...

Driving in tomorrow afternoon/evening. Depositions on Tuesday and driving home that evening.

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