Saturday, March 07, 2009

What is he thinking!

How do people survive teenage boys? But why do some boys behave totally amazing while others just can not seem to get anything right?

My son continues making the WRONG decisions. I have used every threat and punishment I can think of and yet nothing (and I mean nothing) seems to get through his thick skull. Tomorrow I am taking him to the local Juvenal detention center and asking that he gets a close look at what his immediate future is holding for him. With this I am desperately hoping that he chooses a better path than what he is on.

He has also received a minimum of 10 days suspension from school. Luckily they are allowing him to do his work at home and still be able to get his grades. (ha, maybe he will actually bring his F's up). I asked the school if there was anything else we could do in lieu of suspension as this was what he wants; to not have to go to school. They said that they understood but rules are rules. So I am enforcing community service while he is on suspension. I have contacted a local farm near here and asked if he could volunteer a couple days a week, I will also be contacting the Salvation Army soup kitchen to see if I could have him work there also. He is not happy about doing what I have suggested. He said that is already getting punished twice for what he had done (once from school and since police were involved once from them also). Told him to bad this will not be a vacation.

What is it that keeps BOYS from learning their lessons! My girls seem to learn their lessons much quicker. They get in less trouble, yadda yadda yadda.

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utmomof 5 said...

I know those things would sure have taught me a lesson!! I haven't yert reached total teenager status yet(he is 13). All I can think to say is

Keep following your mommy instincts!!

Good Luck!