Sunday, March 29, 2009


Last night at the party (pics to come later) around 12:30 we wet outside (probably due to some of us having to go outside to smoke) and noticed it was snowing. Just a little, more sleet really than snow.

BUT at 1:30 when we decided that it was way past the old peoples bed time and that we should be making our way home (watch out Felicia and Carrie you NEVER know when creepy mom will be on Facebook checking to see what you two are up to). THIS is what we walked into.......

A freaking blizzard! I mean absolutely huge snow flakes. Best snow we received ALL winter. By the time we left we had and inch of snow piled on our car (picture is AFTER we drove around and got home, there was way more on it when we first got to it).

MD and Jim (neighbor 2 doors down) thought it would be fun to drive around in it even though you could not see farther than 3-4 feet in front of the car. Such little boys, we ended up in the church parking lot (in our subdivision) doing donuts. Did I mention these "boys" are 49 years old! Ahh, rekindled youth, the male gene, whatever you want to call it they decided to get very "irresponsible" in the snow. Michelle and I just sat (held on for dear life) in the back seat, shaking our heads at the immaturity.

Finally MD brought us home. We slipped and slid into our garage. And we do not have a very steep drive, but the incline none the less had us sliding into our garage.

We really thought we would see some good accumulation this morning. But when we got up and looked outside it was my turn to feel like a little kid.....disappointment. It was almost all melted already. No outside snow fun to be had today.

This is more than likely the way the kids will be spending the day, in front of the computer and TV. MD I believe is spending his in the bathroom, his belly is making A LOT of noise this morning. Lot's or antacids last night. He He He He. He forgets he is not a young pup anymore.


Laggin said...

We, on the other hand, have ice covered by about six inches of snow! However, it's already melting so I should be safe by the time I HAVE to venture out tomorrow.

It IS beautiful though.

utmomof 5 said...

Boys are such boys no matter how old or young they are :)

Rowan said...

totally irrelevent to your post.

Your blog looks beautiful! How did you get the background picture?

mdx3mom said...


I did a search for FREE Blog skins. There are a ton if sites that provide them. I actually found quite a few I liked, this one's format seemed to work the best for me.

Good luck searching, it took me months of playing to find one that worked the best. I changed my mind a lot.