Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I cornered the teacher when she got up and took a break with Devin. I asked her what was the big "ta-do" at school last Thursday.

She said that all the principles were running around crazy as well as some teachers. They had the police there for narcotics (yikes), several fights that broke out, and something that she mumbled under her breath (I decided not to have her repeat it). She stated that they had the police there for a while checking lockers and questioning students and of course she did not divulge students names. The ones fighting were students she said were normally good kids. Not the kind you would expect this type of behavior from. Again not divulging students names.

I am glad that Devin was not there. Not that he would have been involved the fights or involved with the drugs, but I am just glad he did not have to witness any of it.

Speaking of Devin he did complete 5 of the 7 tests that the teacher had for him. YEA!

But then yesterday when I got home I received a letter from one of my financial institutions. There seems to have been MANY withdraw ls from the company that runs Devin's online computer game. Withdrawals of $200 of which I only authorized $74. I asked that the bank close that account and tonight when I got home I found out that this company is located in another country!

I searched all over the web site and finally found and email contact. Needless to say I wrote them explaining the situation, that I did not care how it happened but that it is to STOP and to STOP NOW.

When I asked the bank to close the account explaining that these were unauthorized charges, they told me that I would have to wait until there was a zero balance. I asked "did I not just give you a check to cover the balance. Which would make it zero?" Ms explained that they had to wait for any other transactions. Um HELLO did I not just tell you that these were unauthorized charges? No matter she said, they have to wait and I was instructed to call back in the morning and then it would be decided if THEY could close the account.

Hum, is that right? Do I have no say? Can anybody just continue sending withdrawals and I have nothing to say about it? I do not think so. I told ms that whether or not I would not be paying for any other transactions. They (the bank) werre informed of fraudulent charges therefore I will pay no more especially since I have paid for the ones prior to their knowledge.

Bank do NOT make me mad, I may seen nice and quite, but I have a big mouth and the claws come out when I am feel cornered! And you are pushing me into a corner.

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