Sunday, April 26, 2009

Here We Go Again


True to form, St. Louis has once again skipped Spring. We have gone from having to wear sweaters and jackets to shorts and tank tops in the span of ONE day. Yes we had 30-40 degree weather up until oh, Wednesday - Thursday then BAM Friday 93 degrees. Hello summer good by winter and totally forget the spring.

And of course warm weather means MD and his list of outside projects. So as the title goes "here we go again".

Here is a reminder of what the front of our home looked in October of 2008.

Then November 2008.

Now notice that all the front bushes are gone. MD has decided that it was time to finally complete our landscaping. The bushes MD states were always only temporary until the front of the house was done (yes, we have a to do list for our house and it is MD's mission to get them completed before we have lived in this house 10 years).

Here is day 1 (Friday after work) of our new project. Devin actually helped a little this day. He enjoyed driving the "tractor".

I think we got a lot done for only having a couple of hours of daylight. And one must not forget living in a subdivision...... when you start outside projects people are drawn to see what you are doing and must ask thousands of questions. And of course they NEVER come at the same time so you have to repeat everything several times. Which of course means you can not get very much done.

Now day two, what a back breaker! My head was screaming by 3:30. The sun was hot and strong. But we made good time, and yes I said WE. I was hauling stones, shoveling rock and stacking stone. Each one weighing 30 pounds. Each pallet held 76 stone and I had to handle each one of those suckers TWICE!

Day three came and my savior came also. Our neighbor and friend Jim. Bless him he saved my back today. So that left me to do everything else needing done. The lawn needed mowing, and since MD was using the rider to do the landscaping I used the push mower (got my exercise at least), laundry, run Devin to his last Home bound lesson, more mowing, clean the pool, clean the house, and make the boys lunch. Then when Jim left I had to go back to helping MD. This is where we stopped.

We have 4 more pallets of stone left, a ton of gravel and a large bucket of minus left. Well there is always tomorrow and MD has more on his list to do. Rather for US to do. Oh Joy. Hear me smiling?


Felicia said...

Yeah, that did suck. Too bad I didn't have time to help...teehee

Laggin said...

Wow. Looking good though.

utmomof 5 said...

It looks like a lot of work but it also looks fantastic!

We ahve nothing but dirt at our house so when you back gets feeling better you can come on over :)