Monday, April 13, 2009


I am sitting here at the library waiting for Devin. He had another Home Bound session today. And I decided to use the time to finally complete an Internet course I started oh, two years ago. This session I might add is going much better than his session last week. I am not sure if it is because I decided to stay the whole time or not. I will say that his teacher is not LECTURING him as he states she normally would if I was not there.
That he states is the main reason for him getting so upset last week and refusing to work with her. She started on him trying to make him feel guilty about her being there. It was her anniversary and instead of being with her husband she was with Devin. And she started in on him about what got him suspended in the first place. It really was not pretty when I got here to pick him up. He was VERY upset and mad.
My response (what I really wanted to do was call her and ream her a new one) was to explain to Devin that he need not waste his, mine or his teachers time with arguing. It was obvious that she did not want to be there as well as he. So he should have just gotten the work done and that way he could have left that much sooner and had no work to do at home.
I figure her for an intelligent woman and she knew what would set him off. I have never gotten a phone call before so I figured that she would have rather not be there. My major problem with this is that she was the one to schedule this day and time, not Devin or myself. So she should have just sucked it up and done her job, which of course was not to sit there lecturing my son on his past actions. Her job is to attempt to teach my son something, anything.
Today I see that she brought her two young children. Both seem to be elementary school age. I see them ever ten minutes walking up to the table asking her questions, putting a stuffed animal in front of Devin on the table or just sitting at their table playing and disturbing their study time. This woman is getting paid to sit with my son and help him with HIS school work. This does not make me happy watching her children there interrupting his time. This Devin has said bothers him also.
But no like a lump I it here not saying a word, just watching and complaining to you. And to top it off, I asked if she received any more of his missing work, her response was no.
What use is it to have an IEP with no one paying attention to it? He was suppose to receive ALL work missed during his absence. We have received no where near the amount of work he has missed, and I still see tons of zeros on his grade book (our school has a parent portal where we see all work grades, tardies, absences, lunch account etc). So why are we not getting this work. I have emailed his case manager, and principal. No response. I guess a personal visit is in order.
I am curious, his instructor suggested that something "big" went down at school on Thursday. And said it was probably a good thing that Devin was absent. It did however, keep his teachers from getting his work together for him. Now the little curious monkey I am is dying to know what went on. This is something I will ask her before we leave today. I do not need names just want to know what happened.
Home schooling is looking better and better. Just wish I had the stamina and patience for it. Not to mention the know how to actually teach my children something.

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Laggin said...

Did you find out what was "big"?

And as for the school ignoring the IEP, I would start doing everything in writing. Let the teachers know what you expect. When the don't do it, report it to the principal. When he ignores you, head to district administration. The IEP is required by Federal law. You can make real trouble for them if they ignore it.