Saturday, April 04, 2009

Will Miracles Never Cease?

It is Saturday, our normal activities always are first eat, then get the house clean and laundry done. All of which by the way is DONE! We do still have to get the dogs nails done. Saving that for tomorrow.

Yesterday Devin received a packet of homework from school (yes he is STILL suspended). That in itself is another grumpy blog for me to rant about. But not today, too happy today!
This morning he came downstairs, ate 6 packages of oatmeal (he is very hungry in the mornings) and then asked where his homework was. Yes he asked me! I showed him where I place it and he took it to his room and stayed there, ALL DAY, doing his homework. He only once asked if he should do it all. My response was why not get it done now so you can do what you want the rest of today, tomorrow and Monday. HE DID NOT ARGUE OR FUSS. He just sat in his room from 9:30 to 4:30 doing his work with no complaints! I am giddy with joy and surprise.

My son has turned into SUPERKID

And if this was not impressive enough, he calls me every day when he gets up to ask what chores I would like him to do that day. Yes there is an incentive, I hide the Internet key for his computer every morning. That way I can control when he gets on at least so he calls to see what needs to be done so he can get on the computer. Still in the past getting Devin to do anything around the house was a fight.
And just now, he asked if I would buy more of something for his online game. My response to him was no because I have already spent quite a bit of money this week on that game. And the last time I did buy whatever it was he was wanting I said this would be the last time. His response .... he just stood there said okay and went back to his game. Again, no fights, crying, whining, nothing.

Who is this kid, I like him, I want to keep him. Please let him stay. Life has been calm with this Devin here. Yes he still fights with Mikayla. But that is okay, sibling argue all the time. I will take it as long as THIS Devin stays.
he still does not like me to hug him or run fingers across his hair, but hey he is not screaming profanities at me. I even chastised him this morning for new holes I found in the drywall near the computer. He just let me rant without arguing back! WOW. AMAZING!

I can not wait to see his counselor and let her know what has been going on. And find out how to keep this kid forever! I guess I should give a little credit to a program I bought, 'The Total Transformation". I really did not think that it would work but at that point I was willing to try just about anything. But WOW it has and I have only gotten though two of the lessons! Now if I could get MD to follow along with the program we may have no arguing in the house at all. I would not know how to act or feel.


utmomof 5 said...

Okay first that picture is too cute! :)

So glad to hear that Devin is doing better. I think about you and all that heartache sometimes. Wasn't it your hubby that wanted to buy the total transformation?

Laggin said...

That's wonderful!

I looked at the total transformation. It's a lot like the Love and Logic program we...err...I, already do. I too have Hubby follow-through issues. Why don't the guys get that part of their kids' problems are THEM? I love this man but his parenting isn't not optimal for this problem kid. He's great with the easy one, he just doesn't do well with adversity.

Cindi said...

I'm so happy for you! I have a son who gave us a real run for our money when he was in his early and mid teens, so I've been where you are, although not quite to the same degree.

When things finally click, it's absolutely amazing. You must be feeling great, knowing that you can almost relax a little in life.