Thursday, May 07, 2009

24 Hours To Live

Saw this in another post & thought what the hell, I needed a Post.
They found it in Maxum.

Thoughts about your last day on Earth:

SO HOW DO YOU WANT TO GO? In my sleep holding my husband.

WHICH SONG WILL PLAY FOR YOU IN HEAVEN? "Only the Good Die Young" - Billy Joel

WHAT BOOK DO YOU REGRET NOT FINISHING? Any that I have not yet started.


WHO IN YOUR LIFE WOULD YOU HAVE MOST LIKED TO KICK IN THE EYE? I do not dislike anyone that much (and if I did they would not be in my life).

WHAT WILL BE YOUR GREATEST LEGACY? Depends on with whom you ask. But I think my kids will be my legacy on this world.

ANY REGRETS ABOUT BEING OUTSPOKEN? Never. Pretty much anything I've ever said, I've meant. Even if it should have been kept to myself.

WHEN WERE YOU THE HAPPIEST? Anytime my husband puts his arms around me, holds me close and kisses me softly.

NAME ONE THING YOU'RE GLAD YOU'LL NEVER HAVE TO DO AGAIN ON EARTH? Cleaning my house or picking up dog poop in the back yard. (I have a simple/boring life)

WHAT'S THE WILDEST THING YOU EVER DID WHILE YOU WERE ALIVE? Skydive, glider plane ride in NY, raced cars as a teen doing over 100mph on a small hwy, and one unmentionable that I will NEVER tell anyone but checked it off my bucket list.

WHAT IS ONE THING YOU WOULD WANT TO DO ON YOUR LAST DAY? Be close to my husband alone on a white sand beach and watching one amazing sunset. Of course I would have to hang glide before hand off a beautiful mountain top.

WHAT'S YOUR LAST MEAL? A perfectly cooked steak, steamed veggies and garlic mashed potatoes.

DO YOU HAVE A DEATHBED CONFESSION? I have no regrets, and nothing I feel ashamed about. I am who I am take me or leave me alone.

TO WHOM WOULD YOU WHISPER YOUR LAST GOODBYE? Of course my best friend - my husband.

What would YOU do with only 24 hours? Weird to think about, eh?

What is on your Bucket List, here are a few of mine I still have left to do:
1. Learn to scuba dive
2. Hang glide
3. See Hawaii
4. Cliff diving
5. Be dept free
6. Learn to fly a plane
6. Keep my list growing!

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