Wednesday, May 27, 2009

And Off We Go

Last night Devin an MD got into it again when Devin decided that the court appointed curfew was too early. Devin came home at a quarter to ten (45 minutes past curfew)and MD confronted him about it. The result you ask, Devin turned tale and left and decided to not come back.

I checked online with the school today and found that he did not go to school either. Thinking that maybe he would come home today after MD left I waited to do anything. At noon I called his Probation Officer to find out what to do next. As it is if he does not get his tale home he will miss his first "fire school" meeting. This is also a court appointed activity. His PO stated that if he misses this class he will be kicked out and therefor breaking his "informal" probation rules.

Um, hello doesn't breaking his curfew also break the rules?

She then informed me the only way she can do anything further I have to file a police report for a missing child and that I should also contact a drug testing office in the area for if/when Devin shows up to get him tested.

Aw Great.

So I do as she stated, called the Police Department and the Drug Test Center. The police came got my information (it really was misserable to have to remember what he was wearing through the fog of cold meds, I could not remember the color shirt he was wearing)and he explained what if/when he is found/comes home that will happen/need to be done.

All this and no one will tell me defiantly what kind of help we/Devin can get. More little hoops to jump through again. We have been doing EVERYTHING that the "authorities" have been telling us to do and we are still banging our heads into walls no closer to getting Devin the help he/we need.

So here I wait, coughing my head off (I hate colds) waiting for my kid to be brought/come home. Dreading the confrontation that will inevitably happen. My nerves are starting to unravel seriously quickly. Stress is a wonderful thing is it not?

I hope Devin starts to consider the ramifications of his actions soon, because he has no idea the affects of his actions on all of us around him.


utmomof 5 said...

Girl!! I am so sorry!! I cannot imagine the stress and worry you must be feeling. I will keep both you and Devin in my thought and prayers.

Davi said...


Ugh, hope he gets home safe. *crosses fingers*