Monday, May 25, 2009



I of course have no IDEA who you are since you did not sign your name. I think it shoes very little respect and a bit of cowardliness when people make comments such as yours and hide behind ANONYMOUS.

Actually I really do not have THAT much drama in my life. I normally lead a very quiet dull life (which I am normally very happy with). I do however have MANY unfortunate events that are happening now and most of them involve my one and only son. And in actuality we have been trying to deal with this since the kid was two. They have just grown in magnitude as he has grown.

Since I do not know who you are and do not know if you even have children. But I have to say that until one walks in the shoes of another you really should not say "I was disgusted by the posts about Devin and wanting to put him in military school and saying you were done with him" as you have no idea how hard it is for the person in such a situation.

Do you really think that I could come to such a decision lightly as to send my son away and have someone else help when I could not? Do you really think that maybe I needed to vent, and have my actual "virtual" friends/support group help me through this? While yes I know this has public viewing, it is the best way to not have to repeat one thing a million times, discuss items with people actually going through some of the same stuff we are, and to keep up with those far away. This is a decision that still hurts my heart and I am still dragging tail on. But I think military school is a MUCH better alternative than to where any judge or probation office will send him, as the kind of children in those places are the exact kind of kids I am trying to keep him away from.

You of course do not actually know me or my family so therefore you have no IDEA how long and progressively worse his situation is and has gotten.

So Anonymous, in the future when you are reading the personal happenings in others lives and feel the need to comment, own up to your words. Because if you are not comfortable signing your name to it maybe you should not be writing it in the first place.

My father has always said "If you would be embarrassed to have your family read it you should not write it". I believe this is a good thing to live by and goes for all Anonymous writers.

I mean seriously, why do you think I do not swear more on here!


Davi said...

Woot!! Tell that Anonymous!! Isn't it amazing how complete strangers think they can just stroll along and tell YOU how to run YOUR life??

Anonymous said...

You know, maybe you do not understand that having a blog means putting it out there for THE WHOLE world to read. Which in turn means that ANYONE can comment on what you write about. You choose to write about your kids, your life, your job, your dogs, etc. Therefore, you are leaving it wide open for ANYONE to comment about it. If you can't take the comments then maybe you should think twice about your little blog.

A Reader Lost

Laggin said...

Ah ha. Good riddance, Reader Lost.


Hey, I hope my scared straight comment didn't peeve you. You know I'm not telling you HOW to run your life. I'm trying to throw a few mercy passes up in the air and hope that one of them works out for you. You and I have our similar paths in life and you are free to tell me to leap off a cliff any ole time you like. I will take no offense.

P.S. If you want my private take on Anonymous, e-mail me. You've got the address. :)

Felicia D said...

Again Anonymous there is a difference from commenting and criticizing. Get a grip and go away!