Friday, May 01, 2009

Enough is Enough

Earlier I posted about the work we are doing to the front landscaping. We still have 4 YES 4 pallets of stone left. It has rained almost everyday since so we have not been able to complete the work. MD was going to take off today BUT it was raining again today. UGH!

And just take a look at our forecast for this weekend

T-Showers on Saturday, Few Showers on Sunday, AM Showers on Monday.

The rivers are high, creeks are full. We are looking at a very very wet spring.Do we not get a break?

This is the last weekend for MONTHS if not the rest of the year that MD will be home on a weekend and able to help finish the landscaping. His construction jobs start up next weekend and he has several of them currently scheduled through the beginning of November. He left only a couple of weekends open for us to get things completed around here. Mother Nature is not playing vary fair.

He said that we are going to work until it starts raining, and if it is not raining hard we will work in the rain. Hopefully we will be able to get it done tomorrow and then that will leave me to just do the plants. That I can handle by myself. Ah I guess we will see when I get up in the AM.

Wish us luck!

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