Sunday, May 31, 2009

An Experience of a Lifetime

My eldest child Felicia is in Italy going to school for the summer. Though it started off on a VERY bad note she has recouped and is now enjoying herself.

There is nothing worse for a parent (next to your child dying) than getting a 6am phone call from your child with said child hysterically crying. Crying so hard that you can not understand a word coming from her mouth. And of course there is nothing you can do (as she is thousands of miles away) to calm her down. So finally she stops sobbing long enough to explain that:

1. The airlines have lost one of her suitcases (really not a big deal), and

2. The gentleman she was going to rent a room from is non-existent so she had no place to live for the summer.

Like I said the luggage part not that serious, and they did get it to her the next day. A friend of MD's said they always loose her luggage every time she went to Italy and always got it to her in a short time after.

Now we had to concentrate on getting her a place to live while she is there. She said that there was one room left at the on-campus housing (where Felicia should have looked in the first place) so I told her to take it. She was very worried about the cost $1,100 a month, so I had to explain to her at this point it did not matter as she had to have a place to live. I told her we could work out the money after she got back home.

Now do not get me wrong, it is not like we really have the extra money (more than the extra we are already sending her to keep up with her bills while she is gone)to be just throwing it around like water. She would have never been able to go on this trip if it was not for her scholarship paying for the school part and some of the "off campus stipend" she is getting. But I paid for the $1,500 airline ticket months ago, and cashed her college "saving" accounts that we had for her (since she has a full ride scholarship that pays for EVERYTHING here she has not needed them). Which basically says we have been saving for 4 years for this trip. But I can not have her just "living" anywhere over there. I want her safe.

She has taken a trip to Venas already her first weekend there, hit a couple of "nightclubs" back in Florance and all of this in her first week there. She and a couple of the kids she has met have planned a couple of other trips also. One of her trips she is going to Ireland (I am sooo jealous) and another is to England to go to the Harry Potter Opening! They are planning to do Harry Potter stuff the whole time they are there. She is also planning a trip to Vultura (??spelling) so for you Twilight fans this is the time to start drooling! She said that they (the cast) were there last week doing some filming. How freaking cool is that!

She is meeting a lot of people from all over the world and some from the states. I hope that she stays in touch with some of them when she gets home. Yes she is even meeting a couple of boys (and in their pics they are cuties) but she is playing the good girl (darn it). She loves the girls she is meeting and is having a really good time with them (from NY of course). She said that she is asked A LOT if she is Italian, duh just look at her of course she is Italian, and others assume she can speak the language (some but not very much). People are surprised when she can not. I did not think she looked that Italian.

Lots of people warned her of how "overly friendly" Italian men are. She said that she really has not had a problem with that as she is not a blond. She said they love blonds over there. Finally a fantastic reason to be a brunette!

Check it all out from her view I had her make a blog so we could all follow her travels at "Oh The Places I'll Go" and see Italy through a 20 year old's eyes.

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Cindi said...

What a wonderful opportunity for her! I'm sure she'll have a great time while she's there. Thank goodness her luggage and housing issues have been worked out. I know what you mean about telling her that you'll work out the money stuff later on. Let her enjoy her time there, as something like that is usually a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.